Where are my shoes?! 😩

People keep asking us about our Stealth Ultra shoes! “Where are they?” people keep saying. We’ve posted the answer in our social media, but perhaps we haven’t made it clear enough in our emails. That’s what this email is for.

The Stealth Ultras (shown below) are our new Parkour and Freerunning shoes, and for months we have been announcing them “scheduled to ship worldwide on June 28th.” However, we missed this date big time. Production took us waaaay longer than expected with multiple delays taking place all because of our heightened focus on quality. We came across multiple decisions that delayed our production such as improving materials and rejecting shoes that didn’t meet our quality standards. Even scheduling factory time was a tricky aspect because we chose a more reputable factory (with less availability) over a less reputable factory (that was immediately available to produce).

Every time we came across a difficult decision we had the same question: do we press through this issue in order to make sure the shoes ship on June 28th? Or do we take extra time to make sure the shoes exceed expectations.” We’ve chosen “exceed expectations” every time.

As a result, the Stealth Ultras are now set to ship on August 15th… we think! It could even be a week after that  We are in the final stretch with most of the shoes already made. However, since we don’t own the factory, we are subject to their availability, and the last pairs are in limbo for a final few days.

A 4-month project to relaunch the Ultras has turned into a full year project of making a new shoe from the ground up. The result is a shoe that we think will blow you away. It has taken us way longer than expected, but we think it will be worth the wait because these shoes are something special.

We stand behind our products 100% knowing that sometimes that focus leads us to sacrifice timeliness for quality. For better or for worse (and we think better) that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Stealth Ultras. Thank you for your trust, patience, and loyalty throughout this time

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