We Will Pay YOU To Talk About the Ultra Parkour Shoe!!

We are a company for the Parkour community and by the Parkour community, and because of this we have found a way to use our new shoe (The Take Flight Ultra) to support YOU financially. Through our new program, we will literally pay you money for telling your friends and social following about our new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoe! For every pair we sell thanks to you, we will pay you as much as $20!


Signing Up

Signing up for our Ultra Affiliate program is FREE and only takes about 2 minutes. There are three steps you need to do to sign up:

#1. Send us an email to media@takeflightapparel.com. Title the email “Ultra Affiliate” and include in the email your…

  • Full Name
  • City, State, Country
  • Email Address

#2. In your email, also include a unique code that you have thought of. The code needs to be letters and numbers only and it must be unique. People will need to use this code to connect their purchase to you, so we recommend making it relate to you and the Ultra shoe.

Example codes: 503ULTRA, RogerULTRA, UltraKansas.

If you do not want to choose a code, let us know, and we can choose one for you.

#3. We will respond to your email confirming your acceptance to our program, and we will provide you with imagery and links that you can use on your social media to talk about the Ultra. From there, all you have to do is talk about the Ultra shoe and share images and links on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When people purchase the shoe, you get paid!

Payment Details & Specifics

Every time someone shops at our website, they have the chance to enter a coupon code at checkout. This is where your unique code comes in. For every person that purchases a pair of our Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes from our website with YOUR unique code, we will give you $20! And for every person who purchases a pair of shoes through our Indiegogo campaign and mentions you as their referral, we will give you $10. It’s that easy!

There Are No Limits To How Much You Can Get Paid & No Minimums!

There are no limits to how much money you can make from us and no minimums either. If you have a large following and 100 people buy the Ultra shoe through our website because of you, then we will pay you $2,000. If you are a prominent athlete or brand and 1,000 buy the shoe because of you, then we will pay you $20,000. If only one person buys the Ultra shoe because of you, then we will pay you $20.

This Ultra Affiliate program is our way of empowering the Parkour community and opening the door to anyone who wants to be a part of our company to benefit regardless of age, location, or work experience. We want to empower people to grow, and give everyone (especially Traceurs) the chance to benefit from us, and this is one way we are doing that.

Exclusions and Restrictions

  • Promotion cannot be used on your own purchase or for anyone within your immediate family.
  • No employees or owners of Take Flight are eligible for the program.
  • Codes cannot be changed once assigned
  • For website purchases, customer must enter their coupon code at time of purchase for payment to be made. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • If a customer purchases through our Indiegogo campaign, then they must mention your name as their referrer at the time they choose their shoe size and color. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • The only Indiegogo levels that are eligible for the promotion are Early Bird, Level 4, and Level 6.
  • You must have a PayPal account to receive funds. When transferring funds, we will not pay transaction or exchange fees.
  • Promotion only good through the end of June 2016. If we extend the program then we will update this article with an addition.
  • Expected date of payment disbursement to be August 2016.
  • By participating in this program you agree to work on commission basis. You will not be considered an employee or affiliate or any kind.
Launching this August for the entire Parkour & Freerunning world!

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