The Next Evolution of Athletic Shoes?!

We just launched a new video called, “JUMP.” To put it simply, it will blow you away. In the video, Take Flight athlete Antonio Quinonero traces Europe in our first shoe, the Take Flight 1.0, which makes you wonder. If he could do that in our first shoe, then it makes you wonder – what will our new shoe (the Ultras) bring? Answer: the Next Evolution.

Antonio Quinonero is wearing our 1.0 shoe throughout this video. That’s this one…

The First Evolution

Click here to get your 1.0 shoes. We guarantee you will love them or your money back!

We took what we learned from the 1.0 shoe to make the Ultra…

The Next Evolution

The Ultras are here. Click here to pre-order your pair and save 30%!!

Thank you for supporting our new shoe! We have many mind-blowing videos to come in the new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoe. Just wait and see.

Click here to watch JUMP!

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