The Best Take Flight® Photos (Week #1)

Every single day, we post amazing Parkour photographs on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Unfortunately our best photos get lost in the web of social media feeds, and even our most loyal fans don’t always see them all. So we thought we’d start a weekly blog post that features the best Take Flight® photos of the week.

Here they are – the best Take Flight® photos from week 1.

Ann Grjukach in the Ukraine. Decked out in Take Flight gear.
Charles Brunet takes flight in France while wearing TF.
Parkour Hits the Road! Take Flight during the day to earn your rest.
Erik Krasovskis goes for a precision in England while wearing our Parkour Cutter Tee. Watch those toes. They hold the key.
Marc “Defo” Torres lands a precision in Spain. Wearing the 1.0s – the best gripping shoes in the Parkour world.
What moves you? Danee Marmolejo in Mexico wearing the Flight Man Snapback.

More flight from Charles Brunet. Captured by Mary Saphy. Charles in wearing the Take Flight 1.0 Training Shoes! Click this image to pick up yours.
Be the master. Thomas Dudoue takes flight in France. Photo captured by Mary Saphy.
Live is for living. Take Flight®.
Nikolay Stasolik reaches for the precision on Mt. Diablo in California. Wearing the Take Flight 1.0s. Click here to pick up yours.
Traceurs unite. A crew of Traceurs stand united, all wearing the Original Parkour Tee.
Before Parkour, this wasn’t possible. Charles Brunet goes airborne in France. Photo by Mary Saphy.
Survey the city. Take Flight®.
Trace your path. Take Flight® in Yemen. Photo by Mohamed Samy.
Rain or shine. The Take Flight 1.0s were made for any weather.
Ready to go higher. Thomas Dudoue and Mary Saphy team up for another stunner.

Which photo was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below so we can work to make more photos like that.


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