Take Flight PK/FR Video Recap (Week #26)

Every week for the last 5 years we’ve posted great Parkour and Freerunning videos on our Facebook page. Now every week we bring them to you in one easy to view place. Here are our Take Flight® Parkour and Freerunning video picks from week #26.


NEW VIDEO!! We can feel the movement. Can you?

Go on an adventure. Storror Blog shows how it’s done. #takeflight

Where it all began. … kind of. #takeflight

NEW VIDEO!! Oscar Sanchez stars in part 2. Enjoy and share!

Who remembers how absolutely insane this video was? #takeflight

At night, the Traceurs come out. #takeflight

So many Santas it’s mesmerizing. Are you in the Christmas spirit yet?


We can feel the movement. Can you? Take Flight®.



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