Financially Supporting YOUR Parkour & Freerunning Gym!

If you are reading this and you own a Parkour gym, awesome! You can contact us at for financial support. If you train at a gym or know someone who owns one, then please share this article with them. Thank you!

We have a new program designed to financially support Parkour & Freerunning gyms around the world! It’s call the Take Flight Custom Banner Program. It’s simple, easy, and it will put money into your community through the gyms that are spreading Parkour and Freerunning. Here is how it works.

  • We design and produce a banner for your Parkour gym. We pay for every step of the process – it doesn’t cost the gym a penny.
  • Your gym displays the banner. All you have to do is hang it up.
  • We give a percentage of orders placed through our website to the gym when the banner is referenced!

It’s that easy. Really!

Below are a few examples banners we have made.* If you’d like one for your gym please contact us at, or please forward this email to your local gym so they can contact us! Each banner can be made to fit a custom size, and we can use any photos, logos, or text on it!

If your gym doesn’t want a banner, then we make flyers too! Here is one of those.

If you made it this far then please pass this article on so we can support your community. Either contact us at and we will make a banner for you, or please forward this email to your local gym so they can contact us!

How else do we support the Parkour world? Check out this 90 second video and find out.

*Not all of these banners/flyers have been produced yet. Some are sample designs.

Take Flight Partners with Iowa Parkour

Take Flight is now an official partner of yet another state wide Parkour organization. This one is newer to the PK community and just as passionate and energized, if not more. They are Iowa Parkour and here is a little more about them:

Iowa Parkour is the official state wide Parkour organization of Iowa. A not for profit organization, one of Iowa Parkour’s main endeavors is to catalog the Parkour groups in Iowa on their our website so that anyone interested in Parkour activities in the state can readily find a group that is located near them. In addition to facilitating the communication between Traceurs in Iowa, Iowa Parkour maintains open communication with Parkour groups across the United States and beyond in an effort to help spread an awareness and understanding of Parkour and Freerunning beyond their state lines. Their mission is educating people about the philosophies of Parkour and the techniques used by traceurs, and Iowa Parkour’s ultimate aim is to support the worldwide community in their efforts to strengthen the popularity of Parkour and make it known and accessible to people from all walks of like and all age levels.

We are very pleased to have an official association with Iowa Parkour. We believe this shows the growth of Parkour in the United States and the continued positive influence it is having on youth around the country.

To find out more about Iowa Parkour you can visit their Take Flight partner page here.