LIVE Q&A With Adam Dunlap! (David Belle, FIG, and More)

Last week, Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap did a LIVE stream on our Facebook page to address our views on the recent FIG initiatives which have causes endless discussions in the Parkour world. If you didn’t see it, watch it by clicking here.

From this video, many viewers asked questions about David Belle’s support of FIG which was made apparent in social media posts, articles, and online videos from FIG and Mr. Belle Adam spent years working closely with David, and so in response to these questions, he (Adam) agreed to do another LIVE Q&A stream. In it he will answers questions, and in this he will chime in on his view of Mr. Belle’s involvement in FIG. This is something you don’t want to miss. Plus you can ask your questions!!

Click here to watch the LIVE stream Q&A session with Adam Dunlap at 12:05pm PST on our Facebook page!

Win $100!! Summer T-Shirt Design Contest!!

Our summer tee design contest is here! And you could win $100!!

The concept is simple. Design a t-shirt for us, and submit it in our contest. If you tee wins, we will produce it AND give you $100!!

Contest Details

  1. Design a cool Parkour t-shirt design that you want to wear!
  2. You can use Photoshop,, or any design program. You can even draw it by hand!
  3. Make sure the design has 3 colors or less.
  4. Make sure the design includes the Flight Man logo or the name “Take Flight” or “Run Free” (see below for logo files)
  5. Put the design on a tee (see below for those)
  6. Send us your design at!
  7. All submissions must be received by June 20th to be eligible. You can submit as many designs as you want 🙂

CLICK HERE to download our Flight Man logo files!

CLICK HERE to download blank t-shirt mock-ups for your designs!

We are selecting up to 4 winners! Winners get $100 cash + the tee they designed when we make it!

Good luck, and we look forward to your entries!!

P.S. Here are some past Take Flight tees for inspiration 🙂

Click here to see all our tees!!

How to Find Your Path

Parkour is a wonderful journey – you can start anywhere, at any age, and take whatever path you want. But how do you find that path? If you don’t focus on a goal or a certain ideal behind your training, why are you training?

Do you like to fly? Andrey Pishalnikov goes airborne in Mexico in our Train Hard Tank.

You need a purpose – a path, so to speak. Everyone’s path is different. Some people train to find their true potential, some train simply for fun. Some train to meet new and fascinating people, some train to make money. If you find out what you are training for, you will find more purpose in your daily sessions, more attention to detail, and you will progress in your movement.

Is your style the same thing as your path? Not necessarily. The path you take is influenced by the style you prefer. For example, if you prefer big drops and efficient vaults, then your path is probably going to be as an efficient Traceur rather than a free runner who focuses more on flips. In contrast, if you enjoy flipping and twisting through your environment, then you are going to embody that style.

Move without limits? Danee Marmolejo flipping and twisting in Mexico in our ORG PK Tee II.

Essentially, the type of movement you prefer to perform is one of the deciding factor of your path. Parkour and freerunning are more or less just different styles, so in time and through training you will discover which you want, which one works better for you. Don’t force it; it must come naturally or you will be trying to be something you are not, which is a mistake that many people make.

Precision counts, don’t you agree? Carlos Novoa sticks it in our Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes.

The most important part of finding your path is something that you might overlook sometimes: are you having fun? Are you enjoying the path you’ve chosen? If you ever answer “no” to either of those questions, then you are doing something wrong. If that is the case, then change it up. Experiment. Try something new! If you are generally a pure Traceur, then learn some flips. If you have been flipping and twisting, try some efficient moving. You may surprise yourself with what type of movement really resonates with your core.

Ultimately, the path you choose comes down to one thing: what is the most fun for you. After all, if you’re not having fun with your life, why continue with that life? Find your path, and you will be happy and, most importantly, having fun.

Who’s fly? Photo snapped by Mohamed Samy in Yemen. As long as you enjoy your training, the way we look at it, you’re on the right path.


Pierce Rockwell is a guest writer for us at Take Flight. He is a 15 year old freerunner who has been training since 2015. His favorite type of movement is big jumps mixed with flowy lines. He began writing articles a little more than a year ago, and he has written for and Urban Freeflow. He says, “Writing articles has given me a chance to look at the Parkour world through a philosophical perspective, and also allows me to progress in movement in a safe and effective way, something I hope to share with the rest of the community.”

Want To Become A Take Flight Pro or Ambassador? Here’s How!!

As we grow at Take Flight, so does our amazing international team of sponsored pros and ambassadors! In order to make our system easy and transparent for current and aspiring members alike, we have outlined our setup in the following document. This document explains:

  • The responsibilities of Take Flight Sponsored Traceurs
  • The responsibilities of Take Flight Ambassadors
  • The compensation for being a Take Flight Sponsored Traceur
  • The compensation for being a Take Flight Ambassador
  • How to become a Take Flight Ambassador
  • How to move from the Ambassador level to the Sponsorship level
  • Take Flight sponsorship history
  • Photo and video guidelines and tips
  • And much more!

Click HERE to download the document: Take Flight Sponsorship & Ambassador Outline

With this document, we hope you get a full overview of our sponsorship and ambassador setup and how to become a part of it and thrive as a part of it.

One note: this document is about 10 pages long of writing, with another 20 pages of resources. The basics are summed up in the page 1 summary, and other important details are highlighted throughout. That said, it’s all there for a reason! So if you write us with a question, most likely it is in the document and we will tell you to read it again.

Thank you for being interested in becoming a part of our team. We sincerely hope to be working with you soon : )

The Take Flight Team

Do you have what it takes to become a Take Flight Pro?

18 Months In Development Has Paid Off…

It took us almost 2 years, and today it came to fruition. Our Parkour backpacks are officially here! Complete with 8 different styles, we’ve designed these backpacks to accompany you while you train, travel, and live life. They are also great for school 🙂 Like all our products we back these with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can order yours with confidence knowing you’ll love it.

Here are some photos showing a few of our new backpacks. Click here to see the entire collection!

parkour-backpacks-take-flight (1)


parkour-backpacks-take-flight (2)

parkour-backpacks-take-flight (3)

parkour_backpacks_take_flight_run_freeparkour-backpacks-take-flight (4)

Thank you for your support and passion through the years that has helped make this happen!! You can see our whole collection at and pick up yours there or at a local Auchan France store near you!


Secret Video Starring Adam Dunlap.

Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap recently released a new Parkour video combining clips of his 10 years of tracing. The video was not put on our YouTube where you’d most likely see it, but rather on a sister platform, Vimeo. Here it is below, embedded for your enjoyment.

There are no flips. Just a lot of jumps and drops. Also, in  many of the clips, Adam is wearing our new shoe, the Take Flight Ultra, which launches in one month! Click here to see it, if you haven’t already!

The End Of An Era. from Take Flight on Vimeo.


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25% OFF For David Belle’s Birthday Sale!!

Today is the birthday of the founder of Parkour, David Belle! (April 29th!) So in honor of him* we are having a 25% OFF sale in our online store! All you have to do to save is use the coupon code “BELLE25” at checkout and you’ll save!

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…and in case you didn’t know, David Belle turns 43 today and he can still throw it down.

Happy Birthday David!

You can follow Belle on Facebook through his official page here.


*David Belle does not support or endorse Take Flight or this sale in any way. It’s simply a sale for the Parkour community we are doing in honor of him.

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We’ve decided to close out a few of our Parkour tees, pants, shorts, hoodies and other gear. The result is up to 60% OFF for you!! Check out some of the items below and click here to browse all our Parkour clothing and gear on sale!


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Parkour Fanny Packs by Take Flight®

**This was an April Fools’ joke. We hope if made you smile :)**

We are thrilled to announce our newest Parkour specific product! We took your input and all the critiques we received on our new backpacks and made something perfect for tracing. It’s our all new Parkour Fanny Pack!

In this video, Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap, introduces the Parkour Fanny Pack. He also shows how much money you can put into it, and he gives credit to a few great Traceurs for supporting the project. Stay til the end to see him demo it in amazing fashion!

Click here to see the video announcement!

We think you are going to love the new Parkour Fanny Pack. We are making it in 3 awesome colors and satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here to pick up your Parkour Fanny Pack today for only $19.95!

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Will You Become 1 of The Take Flight 300?

We are looking for 300 committed passionate Take Flight followers that want to be a part of our new Ultra shoe and The Take Flight 300. The Take Flight 300 is an exclusive invite-only, insider group that you can only gain access to through our Ultra shoe campaign. Here is the backstory and how you can join.

We have recently launched a campaign to release our new Parkour & Freerunning shoes – the Take Flight Ultras. You can see the campaign by clicking here. Via the campaign it says we need $40,000 to launch the shoe which we do. But with other orders and contributions that aren’t shown, all we need now is 300 shoe pledges. Only 300! So in order to give you even more incentive to pledge, we’ve decided to create an exclusive group called the Take Flight 300, and if you are one of the first 300 people to pledge for the shoe, you become a part of the group.

Here is what you’ll get by being a member of the Take Flight 300:

  • First off, you’ll save 30% on the Take Flight Ultras and receive your pair for $69! (or less if you pledge for 2 pairs)
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  • You get a two year 25% OFF coupon good for any purchase in our online store. That means anything!
  • Free giveaways and promotions. Did you know we make socks? They aren’t online, but all members of this group get a FREE pair along with their Ultra shoes. And we’ll be having more giveaways, samples, and other promotions exclusive for this group.
  • You get a private invitation to our new social media group “The Take Flight 300.” In this group you will get exclusive news and access to upcoming projects and designs. In this group, you’ll also become a part of our design process, and we’ll ask your input on what we make. You can even create and suggest designs for us and submit them directly to our design team for consideration.
  • Direct access to Take Flight pros who are also a part of the group. You can ask them questions, ask for advice, and communicate with them directly through the page.
  • In addition to all this, you’ll receive ongoing updates and promotions of all types from us, designed exclusively for you.

To us, the Take Flight 300 is a new concept based on establishing a core team of Take Flight faithfuls. That means, everyone in this group is considered a part of our core. We’re dedicated to you, supporting you, and growing Take Flight together.

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