The NO LIMITS $10 Parkour Tee Sale For Memorial Day Weekend!

The Memorial Day weekend is here, and in addition to using it to honor those who fought and died in military service, we’ve decided to honor you guys with a NO LIMITS $10 Parkour Tee Sale! It’s just like it sounds – virtually all of our Parkour tees are $10! … and there are no limits and no minimums so you can get as many tees as you want!

The sale only lasts through Monday, so click here to shop now before the sale ends!

Click here to shop now! No limits or minimums! Get as many tees as you want!!

Wishing you a great Memorial Day weekend!



The summer is getting closer and closer so we keep rolling out the summer gear! We’ve just launched 10 brand new Parkour® tees!! They are made from 4 unique designs and we’ve printed them on our Take Flight (Ultra Comfortable) Custom Tee. Designs were created with involvement from Take Flight pros Nikolay Stasolik, Danee Marmolejo, D’Ondrai Jones, Adam Dunlap, and the entire crew who gave their input on some of the finishing touches. That’s how you know our gear is made for Traceurs and by Traceurs.

Below are 4 of the 10 brand new Parkour tees. Click here to see the entire set of new summer 2015 Take Flight® Tees!

always-progress-parkour-tee-cardinal flying-builds-character-parkour-tee-take-flight fly-with-us-parkour-tee-yellow tkflt-logo-tee-parkour-take-flight

Click here to pick up your tee today! And use the coupon code TFVIP to save 15%!! Satisfaction guaranteed and shipping available to 190 countries (including, most likely, yours 🙂


2013 Summer Tees Are Out!!

You guys voted and now we’ve officially released the 6 tees for the 2013 summer launch! We originally were only going to release 5, but you guys showed so much support that we took your top 6 🙂

We’ve included a photo of each shirt below. Through this Friday (June 21st) all tees are 25% OFF. On Saturday the prices will go up, so if you have your eye on a specific tee, we recommend claiming it now.

Also, stay tuned because we have a few launch surprises coming in the next couple days!

The Traceurs Fly Tee
Eat. Sleep. Parkour.
Keep Calm Parkour Tee
Parkour Cutter Tee. Available in 3 colors. Click to check them out!
Parkour Playground Tee

Last Day To Vote! 2013 Parkour Clothing Summer Launch!

The 2013 Summer Launch is almost here! In fact it’s only about 36 hours away. That makes today your last day to vote for your favorite tees.

We’ve designed 12. We are only going to make 5. Below is a collage of all the options. Click the image and cast your vote by liking, sharing, and commenting on the photos. You are in charge.

Stay tuned for Friday when the top 5 launch!

Click this image to cast your vote for your favorite tee!

YOU Choose the Tees for the 2013 Summer Launch!!

The 2013 summer launch event is in full swing! On Thursday we unveiled 12 new tee designs. The trick is we are only going to make 5. The coolest part of it all is we are letting YOU decide what shirts we make.

How do you decide? It’s super simple. Just vote by commenting, liking, and sharing the official images that are already on Facebook. Every comment, like, and share counts as one vote. We’re going to tally the votes on Thursday June 13th and release the top 5 for discounted presale on Friday, June 14th.

Here are four of the 12 designs we’ve released. Click on them to see the full album with all 12 designs and cast your votes!

get_down_from_there_tee keep_calm_and_do_parkour_tee parkour_cutter_tee traceurs_fly_tee_parkour

Size Recommendations – Parkour Clothing

Deciding what Take Flight shirt, pant, or hoodie to choose can be difficult. We have so many items that the choice can be overwhelming! Something that can make it even harder is deciding what size to get. So in order to make your purchasing experience and decision a little easier, we’ve decided to provide some really good sizing recommendations from three of the guys that wear Take Flight the most. Here it goes.

Name: Joey Adrian
Height: 5’4″ (163m)
Weight: 140 lbs (64kg)
Shirt Size: Medium fits me perfectly! Not tight, and not too baggy. I love training in this shirt size.
Pant Size: Again Medium is my size of choice. They fit very well around my waist. They are baggy enough to be comfortable and flowy without being too big to the point that they drag under my heels. Even if you have shorter legs a slight fold at the bottom works great to insure there is no drag.
Hoodie Size: Same as the others, I rock the Medium here as well! If you like the baggy look I would go a size higher. I haven’t tried the large out yet since the medium has felt great so far! Unlike many other hoodies I can actually train in these. Most others I feel held back by the bulk of them and have to take it off before training lol.

Joey Adrian with a biiiiiig precision. Sporting the Original Parkour Pants.

Name: Adam Dunlap
Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78m)
Weight: 155 lbs (70kg)
Shirt size: Medium is the best best fit for me, no doubt. Not baggy at all, and not too tight. I just make sure to hang dry them because if I dry it and the shirt shrink then it’s just slightly too small for me. But if that happens I wear it anyway. The Medium is the best either way.
Pants Size: I prefer Large but Medium is great as well. The Large is a little baggier which I like, but quite honestly I barely notice the difference between the two. Both sizes give me ample room to move and the drawstring tightens well, so even with a larger waist on the Large pants I barely notice the difference between them.
Hoodie Size: I like the Large hoodie! I originally thought I was a medium, but I tried one and it was too tight for me. I don’t like baggy hoodies, but I don’t want them to restrict my movement or my style. The large is perfect no doubt.

Adam Dunlap with a big jump and landing. Dunlap is wearing a Take Flight Hoodie and Tee. Photo credit goes to Raphael Estorga.

Name: Nathan Jones
Height: 6′ 0″ (1.83m)
Weight: 180 lbs (82kg)
Shirt size: I prefer large because it’s not too tight nor too baggy. It provides comfort and the image of flow which is ideal for any Traceur.
Pants Size: I like Large / Extra Large I prefer the baggy look! The pants work well for all seasons. They look good, feel good and are Parkour specific. What more could you ask for?
Hoodie Size: Extra Large is the perfect size for me. Great for all seasons and looks good when training or in videos. It gives a very underground vibe which personally suits me best.

Nathan Jones flips for Take Flight. Sporting a Parkour Hoodie.

**We hope this article has helped you 🙂 If you are here, please leave us a comment and give us any and all feedback. Thank you!**

Original Parkour Tee vs Simply Parkour Tee

A debate has begun at Take Flight HQ and we’ve decided to let you decide the answer. The simple question is, which shirt is the more essential Parkour tee:

The Original Parkour Tee … or … the Simply Parkour Tee

The discussion goes back and forth as the pros for both tee are formidable. Here is a common conversation we’ve been  hearing at the office between our shipping manager and TF founder Adam Dunlap:


Rick: “The Original Parkour Tee is definitely the essential Parkour tee. It was the first Parkour tee and it has 17 color combos now. I mean everyone just loves it! What is better than that?”

Adam: “Yeah, well that’s cool, but it’s not the essential Parkour tee. The Simply Parkour Tee is simpler and best embodies efficiency, so that makes it the essential tee.”

Rick: “Huh? No way. Look at the tee! That line underneath Parkour make no sense. That’s not efficient at all. Essential? Hardly.”

Adam: “Oh yeah?! Well then what’s with all the cracks in the Org PK Tee? How is that efficient and essential?! Plus the Org PK has no Stinger version. But with Stinger? Now we’re talking essential.”


The discussion goes on and on, round and round and it’s pretty much just a matter of opinion. So as stated we’ve decided to bring you in on it. Which tee do you think is the essential Parkour tee: the Original Parkour Tee or the Simply Parkour?

**Cast your vote by leaving a comment below and let us know your thoughts!**

The Original. The Essential. Or is….
…is the Simply Parkour Tee more essential? Cast your vote in the comments below!

12 Shirts At Only $12!!

We always have at least 1 shirt prices at only $12. It’s our commitment to the Parkour community to make Parkour clothing affordable! Well, we’ve taken it to another level and right now we have 12.

Parkour Tees on Sale!
Three of our famous Roof Jump Tees are only $12! There are 9 other tees just like it. Get yours today.

We have 12 shirts that are priced at $12. They are all on closeout, meaning we are not planning to restock them anytime soon. So if you pick on up, not only do you get an amazing deal on a Parkour tee, you’ll also going to be one of the last ones to get your hands on the shirt! You can wear it or save it for your collection. Up to you. For $12, either way you can’t go wrong.

Shirts are back in Stock!

The waiting is finally over! The Christmas season gave us a made rush for Parkour gear, and left many of the community’s favorite shirts unavailable. But we have finally been able to reproduce all of our designs and get those out of stock items back in stock.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’ve been waiting for a Parkour tee that has been out of stock – now is your time! This includes the highly coveted Original Parkour Tee – Donatello which we’ve reproduced as well.*

Hope this gives you some excitement for the weekend! Train hard and stay safe.

*The Original Parkour Tee – Donatello is a limited edition item. We never planned to reproduce the shirt, but due to high demand we have given in (whether that is a good or bad thing is your call.) With that said, in order to keep the tee limited edition we have only produced 40 more of the item.

PK Splat Tee

Day three of our highlight of the 2010 Parkour Clothing line is here, and today we are focusing on the PK Splat Tee!

The PK Splat Tee has already distinguished itself as one of the favorite designs from the new launch both because of its design and its color combos. The tee is simple and yet bold, highlighting Parkour with its underground initials. The tee features a giant “PK” written across the chest in a textureized and urban roman font, and has an additional design component made up of subtle splotches that bring added effects and urban feel to the tee.

We don’t have much to say about this tee in terms of the conceptual design or the developmental process. The concept design for this tee and the inaugural color schemes actually came directly from Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap who had a very specific idea for the shirt from the beginning. Suffice to say, that given the origins of the tee’s design, the final result is a true and authentic Parkour tee that every Traceur can be proud to wear.

We are giving one of these PK Splat Tees away today on our Facebook page. If you’d like a chance to win all you’ll have to do is comment on the contest post we make! If you don’t win, you can also pick one up from our store for only $19.95.