Late For The WEDDING?! ūüė≤

Have you ever been late for something and had to run to get there in time? What about your own wedding?! In our newest video, Take Flight pro Rabotenko Valentin is late, and the bride is not happy. But he is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes so he takes off running. Click below to watch and see if he makes it in time and how the bride responds when he gets there.

In this video, Valentin is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes. We only have 3 sizes available in those (the rest have sold out). However, our newest Parkour & Freerunning shoes, the Stealth Ultra, are better than ever. We took everything we learned from the 1.0s and the Ultras to make a shoe that you will love. Click below to check them out.

Where are my shoes?! ūüė©

People keep asking us about our Stealth Ultra shoes! “Where are they?” people keep saying. We’ve posted the answer in our social media, but perhaps we haven’t made it clear enough in our emails. That’s what this email is for.

The Stealth Ultras (shown below) are our new Parkour and Freerunning shoes, and for months we have been announcing¬†them “scheduled to ship worldwide on June 28th.” However, we missed this date big time.¬†Production took us waaaay longer than expected with multiple delays taking place all because of our heightened focus on quality. We came across multiple decisions that delayed our production such as improving materials and rejecting shoes that didn’t meet our quality standards. Even scheduling factory time was a tricky aspect because we chose a more reputable factory (with less availability) over a less reputable¬†factory (that was immediately available to produce).

Every time we came across a difficult decision we had the same question: do we press through this issue in order to make sure the shoes ship on June 28th? Or do we take extra time to make sure the shoes¬†exceed expectations.” We’ve chosen “exceed expectations” every time.

As a result, the Stealth Ultras are now set to ship on August 15th… we think!¬†It could even be a week after that¬† We are in the final stretch with most of the shoes already made. However, since we don’t own the factory, we are subject to their availability, and the last pairs are in limbo for a final few¬†days.

A 4-month project to relaunch the Ultras has turned into a full year project of making a new shoe from the ground up. The result is a shoe that we think will blow you away. It has taken us way longer than expected, but we think it will be worth the wait because these shoes are something special.

We stand behind our products 100% knowing that sometimes that focus leads us to sacrifice timeliness for quality. For better or for worse (and we think better) that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Stealth Ultras. Thank you for your trust, patience, and loyalty throughout this time

Click here to pre-order this shoe! Save 35%!!

Helping Orphans In Rwanda. |

We are so privileged to announce our support of the Kefa Project! After looking for the right non-profit to work with, we chose the Kefa Project because of their amazing vision, history, and heart as they work to empower at-risk youth in Rwanda to transform their lives through sports! From now on, we donate a portion of every shoe sale we make to support this organization.

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Our EU Online Store Is Now Open!!

HUGE news for Traceurs worldwide. We JUST launched a new Take Flight webstore specific for the EU!!

In partnership with Parkour Project, located in Czech Republic, we now have shoe storage, warehousing and distribution in Europe! What does that mean? It means that if you are located in the EU, you can now get our Parkour shoes and clothing from the EU which results in:

  • Less taxes
  • Faster shipping
  • Lower shipping costs

There is no question about it, if you are in the EU, this is the online place to get your Parkour shoes, apparel, and gear. Click the image below to visit the store and pick up your Parkour shoes and apparel today!

Now Donating 15% of Sales to Parkour Gyms!!

We have just launched a new initiative to combine the power of Take Flight to grow Parkour gyms around the world! The program is simple:

  1. We are issue unique gym-specific coupon codes to Parkour/Freerunning gyms
  2. When you use one of the coupons, we donate 15% of that order to that gym! Plus we give you 5% OFF!

We even produce gym banners and flyers for each gym at no charge so they can display them at the gym!

Use the code “BAM” at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to the BAM Parkour/Freerunning Academy in Austin, Texas!

We already have 7 gyms on board which you can see below:

  • BAM Academy: use code ‚ÄúBAM‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Somatic Movement: use code ‚ÄúSOMATIC‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Maine Warrior Gym: use code ‚ÄúWARRIOR‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Parkour Infinity: use code ‚ÄúINFINITY‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Revolution Parkour ‚Äď Beaverton: use code ‚ÄúBEAVERTON‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Revolution Parkour ‚Äď Gresham: use code ‚ÄúRVPK‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!
  • Revolution Parkour ‚Äď Tualatin: use code ‚ÄúTUALATIN‚ÄĚ at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to this gym!

If you‚Äôd like to support these gyms, simply use one of these codes on your next order. Whether you buy our Parkour Shoes, a Parkour T-shirt, Parkour pants, or other Parkour gear/clothing from us, the gym you choose gets the donation. PLUS will also give you a 5% discount just for using the code so everyone wins!!. If you know a Parkour gym who would like to be a part of our program, please share this article with them! We‚Äôd love to support them in this way ūüôā

At Take Flight, we are community oriented in ways no other Parkour brand is – through profit sharing with our athletes and giving back financially to PKFR gyms, and other initiatives. Thank you for believing in us and helping us support the growing community worldwide.


Use the code “RVPK” at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to the Revolution Parkour (Gresham) Parkour/Freerunning Academy in Gresham, Oregon!


FREE Return Labels For All USA Orders!!

We are always improving our products and services for you. Our newest roll out is a FREE and easy return policy on all USA orders.

From now on, every order with a USA shipping address comes with a FREE return label. If your shoes and clothing don’t fit, or if you’d like to exchange or return the items for any reason, all you have to do is slap the return label on the package, drop it off at your local post office, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s so easy!! Plus, did we say it already? It’s FREE ūüôā

Now we give you a free return label with every USA order!!

This is one more step we’ve made to make¬†buying our Parkour shoes and clothing that much easier.

Need an amazing pair of Parkour/Freerunning shoes? How about our Ultras? They are regularly priced at $95, but we have select sizes for only $69 and that includes shipping!!! Just use the code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout to receive your free shipping option.


Use code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout at get FREE international shipping on our Ultra shoes!



FREE Stuff For Cyber Monday!! 1 Day Only!!!

Cyber Monday is here! In honor of the tradition, and in gratitude of all of you guys, we have our absolute best deals of the whole year! Here are few deals for you to choose from including two deals with FREE stuff!*

FREE worldwide shipping on the new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes! Use code “UltraCyberat checkout for FREE shipping!




Get 30% OFF our hoodies such as this one – our ultra comfortable Parkour Striped Hoodie which is only $32!


All our backpacks are only $22. That’s about 35% OFF!! This is one of our highest quality products. You will love them!


Tanks are on crazy sale! You don’t even need a coupon!


Take 25% OFF any single order $100 with code CYBER16



Every order gets a FREE Find Your Style Wristband!*



*Coupon codes cannot be combined

**Free wristbands are only included for orders placed on November 28, 2016. However, if you write us an email and ask for one, then we’ll give it to you, too ūüôā

Black Friday Parkour Sale!!

The day after Thanksgiving is here! And that means it’s Black Friday which means we have some amazing deals¬†for you!¬†To make things simple, these deals WILL last through Monday. BUT they are limited by inventory, so please don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

Click any of the images below to be taken to the corresponding page and get your Parkour gear at an amazing price!

Click here to get your 1.0s for $55! First 20 pairs ONLY!!!
Click here to get an awesome Parkour tank for just $12.
Click here to get your snapback for $15! Hurry, only while supplies last!

Secret Video Starring Adam Dunlap.

Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap recently released a new Parkour video combining clips of his 10 years of tracing. The video was not put on our YouTube where you’d most likely see it, but rather on a sister platform, Vimeo. Here it is below, embedded for your enjoyment.

There are no flips. Just a lot of jumps and drops. Also, in ¬†many of the clips, Adam is wearing our new shoe,¬†the Take Flight Ultra, which launches in one month! Click here to see it, if you haven’t already!

The End Of An Era. from Take Flight on Vimeo.


Need some new Parkour & Freerunning shoes? The the Ultras are for you! Click here to check them out!

Click here to pick up your Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes!

100% Take Flight!!

HUGE NEWS!! We have just officially launched 2 products that make Take Flight a top-to-bottom clothing and shoe company. What this means is you NEVER have to leave your house again wearing anything other than Take Flight.

The two products are compression shorts and socks!

Compression Shorts and Socks are here! Click this image to pick up yours!

With this launch, we at Take Flight now produce enough different products to clothe you from head to toe. These include:

Click here to pick up your Take Flight Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes!

Thank you for being a Take Flight follower and helping us reach this amazing milestone!