FREE Stuff For Cyber Monday!! 1 Day Only!!!

Cyber Monday is here! In honor of the tradition, and in gratitude of all of you guys, we have our absolute best deals of the whole year! Here are few deals for you to choose from including two deals with FREE stuff!*

FREE worldwide shipping on the new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes! Use code “UltraCyberat checkout for FREE shipping!




Get 30% OFF our hoodies such as this one – our ultra comfortable Parkour Striped Hoodie which is only $32!


All our backpacks are only $22. That’s about 35% OFF!! This is one of our highest quality products. You will love them!


Tanks are on crazy sale! You don’t even need a coupon!


Take 25% OFF any single order $100 with code CYBER16



Every order gets a FREE Find Your Style Wristband!*



*Coupon codes cannot be combined

**Free wristbands are only included for orders placed on November 28, 2016. However, if you write us an email and ask for one, then we’ll give it to you, too 🙂

Start of Summer [Parkour] Blowout Sale!!!

Click here to see the discounts!

The summer is upon us (weather wise), school is out (or almost), and we are having a start of summer blowout sale to celebrate it all! And blowout is the opportune word because:

a)      ALL items in the store marked down – some as much as 40%!
b)      We are also closing out a majority of our designs meaning this is the last chance you have to get own many of them! (known exceptions include the Original Parkour Tee and Simply Parkour Tee. All the others are on the chopping block at this point in time!)

Two notes:

  1. Sale prices will last through June 30th.
  2. When items are gone they are gone and NOTHING will be restocked before then. So if you like a shirt get it before someone else takes the last one.

That’s pretty much it for this blog post. The summer is here and it’s time to celebrate. Simple announcement. Huge sale. And  Parkour clothing brought to you at the best value from all of us at Take Flight.

Leap Year Parkour Sale – Examples!

In celebration of Leap Year, for 4 more hours you can use coupon code TFLeap29 to get 29% off any order in the Take Flight Store. Below are some examples of what 29% off looks like (and just a heads up, it’s even better than it sounds).

Not $35! Only $25!!!
Not $20! Only $14!!!
Not $20! Only $14!!!
Not $45! Only $32!!!
Not 20$! Not $15! Only $10!!!
Not $25! Not $21! Only $15!!!
Not $20! Only $14!!!
Not $20! Not $16! Only $11.50!!!
Not $12! Only $8.50!!!
Not $40! Only $28!!!
Not $15! Only $10.50!!!
Not $20! Only $14!!!


Not $20! Not $16! Only $12.50!!!

Win the TF Item of your choice!

Anything in the store will be yours if you win! This is just a small sample of a couple tees to choose from. Click the image for more!

All day long for Black Friday we are giving fans the chance to win the Parkour item of their choice. That’s right – if you win you get to choose any item from our store! Shirt. Pants. Hoodie. DVD. Anything! Plus we’ll pay for shipping too.

To enter you only have to follow two steps:

#1. Make sure you are friends with the The Flight Man on Facebook. We’ve talked to him and he said he will accept all friend requests today. You can add him here if you haven’t already:

The Flight Man —>!/profile.php?id=100000697872738

#2. Share one of our Black Friday coupon posts from the Take Flight FB wall on your wall. Any of the coupon posts on the Take Flight page will work.

Thousands of people have shared our coupon links to let their friends know when we are having a sale. And thousands of people are already friends with the Flight Man. So if you haven’t already done these two things (and you very well might in which case you’re already entered : ) then go ahead and do them now. It’ll take you under a minute and then you’re set.

We’ll randomly select the winners from all the entries and announce them on Monday. Best of luck to you!

Tee Shirts For $11! Today Only!

You might call us crazy but we’ll live with the criticism. Today is 11/11/11 and we’re having a one day sale where we give shirts away for only $11!!! Click here to see! We’ve chosen 31 shirts total are you can have your pick until they run out of stock. No coupon code is required! This sale is for today only. As soon as the clock strikes November 12 the sale is over.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get a Parkour shirt now would be the opportune time. Wishing you an awesome day in memory of an awesome date!

Only $11!!!


Only $11!!!
Only $11!!!

Only $11!!!
Only $11!!!


Low-Key Labor Day Weekend – Save 25%

Only $14.95 with the Labor Day Coupon

The Labor Day Weekend is here, and it’s a perfect time for relaxing and a BBQ. In that low-key mindset we’re releasing a coupon code. No ads. No hype. Just a cool promo for our fans that will save you 25% off your entire purchase. If you’re been waiting for the right time to pick up some Parkour gear now would be a great chance.

Code: TFbbq
Savings: 25% off your entire purchase

There are no restrictions or stipulations on the code, and it is good through Monday the 5th. Simply enter it at checkout and your discount will be applied. It can even be used on all clothing from the recent 2011 launch.

Wishing you all the best on this Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy the extended break, stay safe, and stay strong.

The All Over Parkour Tee Closeout!

The All Over Parkour Tee has been hugely popular but all good things come to an end. We have decided to closeout the remaining inventory of this tee, and just like our other closeouts it means awesome savings passed on to you. At only $12 the All Over Tee stock is 40% OFF!

One of the most unique, yet simple, designs we have created makes this a perfect tee for hanging out at home, going out with friends, and, of course, training Parkour. You can show your Parkour pride with this Take Flight tee, and with 5 bold colors to choose from you can easily find a favorite, or you could get one of each to add variety to any outfit. (Red and Royal Blue are also available but not seen here)


Either way, you can’t afford to wait, because the closeout means availability is limited to the current stock. We love being able to provide the best Parkour wear at the best prices to Traceurs worldwide!

New Subscriber Button!!!

People ask us all the time about coupons, deals, and TF/Parkour news. We almost always point fans and customers to our Facebook page for these updates. BUT there is one other way to received succinct Take Flight updates, exclusive coupons on Parkour clothing, and inside news, and that would be the Take Flight Newsletter. With a new site feature recently added, now subscribing to the newsletter is simpler than ever.

We added a feature to our site and now we have a new subscriber button and it’s at the top of every page. With this new feature, signing up for our newsletter is so simple even a cave-Traceur could do it. A screen shot image of the subscriber button is below, and all you have to do is enter your email address and press “Submit” to be added to the list.

Once you’re part of our newsletter subscriber base, you are officially in! Once a month we’ll send you the updates and coupons you need to stay on top of the Parkour world, and if at anytime you decide you don’t want to be a subscriber, all you have to do is hit “unsubscribe” which is a link included in every email we send.

Thanks for being such an important part of the worldwide Parkour community and our efforts to spread Parkour throughout the planet! The newsletter is just one more way we do this, and we look forward to sending it to you!

27% OFF Sale – Why? Because We Love You!

We’ve made an impromptu decision to have a 27% OFF sale. Why? Well we reached 27,000 fans which has promoted the percentage discount. And Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap was born on the 27th of June so he liked the idea because of the similarities. But other than that, we just decided we wanted to give back a little bit by offering everything in our store up to big discounts. And who can object to that?

The sale will take place starting today, January 14th, and continue through Sunday night (January 16th). The code is:


All you have to do is enter this at the coupon code field at checkout and your discount will be applied. Because this is a coupon code this sale even applies to items on sale AND closeout items.

To give you some idea of how much discount 27% is here are some numbers:

Usually $14.95, with 27% OFF this shirt will only cost $10.91!
Usually $19.95, with 27% OFF this shirt will only cost $14.56!
Usually $39.95, with 27% OFF this hoodie will only cost $29.16!