FREE Return Labels For All USA Orders!!

We are always improving our products and services for you. Our newest roll out is a FREE and easy return policy on all USA orders.

From now on, every order with a USA shipping address comes with a FREE return label. If your shoes and clothing don’t fit, or if you’d like to exchange or return the items for any reason, all you have to do is slap the return label on the package, drop it off at your local post office, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s so easy!! Plus, did we say it already? It’s FREE 🙂

Now we give you a free return label with every USA order!!

This is one more step we’ve made to make buying our Parkour shoes and clothing that much easier.

Need an amazing pair of Parkour/Freerunning shoes? How about our Ultras? They are regularly priced at $95, but we have select sizes for only $69 and that includes shipping!!! Just use the code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout to receive your free shipping option.


Use code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout at get FREE international shipping on our Ultra shoes!



Free Women’s Parkour Tees!!!

You’ve heard it said many times: “There aren’t enough women doing Parkour!” We’re taking a step towards charging that by providing a bit of motivation – free Parkour gear.

We are now giving away women’s Parkour tee for absolutely free! And it’s super easy to get one for yourself or someone you love. Here is how in 3 easy steps:

  1. Place an order through our site with a minimum cart total of $12.
  2. Place a Grab Bag Women’s Parkour Tee into your shopping cart.
  3. Use the code FREETEE at checkout.


The price of the tee will immediately be deducted from your order total and you’ll be set to go!

Whether you want to pick up a Parkour tee for someone you love or whether you want to inspire someone to begin training, take advantage of our free tee giveaway. This is only going on for a limited time while supplies last.

Now that’s Take Flight.

Free Take Flight Stickers!!

We’re all about giveaways and free stuff. We see it as a way to give back to loyal fans, followers, and customers. Our newest giveaway is stickers, and it’s ongoing and you can get them anytime.

There are two ways to get free stickers:

#1. Place an order. As of now, every order comes with the snazzy new Take Flight die-cut sticker that we’ve designed.

There is only one way to get this sticker. You can’t buy it. You have to get it for free.

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Buy a Hoodie and Get a Parkour Tee for Free!

We are running a special promotion to close out March:

Buy a Parkour hoodie and get a Parkour tee shirt for free.

Notes regarding the free tee:

  1. The tee is of the Grab Bag variety meaning we choose it. But trust us, we’ll choose a good one : )
  2. The tee will be of the same size as the hoodie unless you specify a different size to us. Specifying a different size can be done simply by responding to your order confirmation or writing customer service an email after you place your order (

Hoodies have already been marked for winter closeout and are as low as $24! What this means is you can get a hoodie and a tee shirt for one amazing price. It actually costs us more than $24 to just make a hoodie (not counting the shirt) so this is a crazy deal. But we’re all about bringing value to the Parkour community so it is worth it : ))

This deal only last until the end of Mach so if this is something you want then act quickly.

Wishing everyone a great spring!

Buy a Parkour Hoodie and Get a Parkour Tee for Free!

The Ultimate TF Giveaway: Answering Fan’s Questions

The Ultimate TF Giveaway has been going fantastic since we launched it last Thursday. So far the Take Flight Fan Page has grown almost 3,000 fans, and we’ve given away 8 Parkour shirts! Both of these numbers are increasing hourly. Great work everyone!

Since the contest launched we have received lots of emails, Facebook messages, and wall posts regarding the giveaway. Most has been full of excitement and appreciation. Unfortunately (and we can’t say we didn’t expect this) there has been some confusion. AHHH! We wanted to clear up as much of this as we can with this post so here we go:

The details of the contest and how to enter were/are posted here. Anyone who followed these directions has been entered in the contest. However, a few people attempted to follow the directions, but didn’t and have either not been added to the official queue or have been disqualified. Three of the most common errors were:

  • Not adding Take Flight as a friend on Facebook.
  • Not posting the number of friends you added on our page wall (not to be confused with our profile wall).
  • Not inviting all your friends.

If you think you did all this but your name is not in the queue it is probably because you didn’t post your friend addition on our wall (it was from there that we created the queue). With that in mind, even if you are currently on the list, you could still be disqualified if we realize that the giveaway qualifications have not been followed (for example, if we realize that we aren’t friends! :\ )

One more thing to clear up: we’ve had a lot of people ask if there will be a time limit on this contest. The answer to that is…maybe… not…but maybe so? The thing is, at this point we don’t really know. The plan was never to have a time limit on the giveaway but rather let everyone who entered win even if that took a few weeks. So far things are going great and we are giving away shirts daily, but if that changes and the TF page stops growing in accordance with this giveaway then stopping it is something we will probably do since it really change anything. In fact, if this does become the case we’d much rather move on to other giveaways so everyone can have more chances to win again.

Lastly, if you have won (or will win) we will contact you. Don’t worry about sending us an email or message. You can leave that to us 🙂

That should pretty much answers all the questions we’ve received. If there is anything else we’re missing comment here and let us know!

Week 29: 1,078 Interactions!!!

Thanks to you guys we are rolling and giving away more Parkour clothing! The Take Flight Facebook page hasn’t received less than 1,000 interactions in 6 weeks and the streak continues with week 29 and 1,078 Interactions!

This week we are giving away a Parkour Skyline Tee. All you have to do is stay dialed in to our Facebook page for the announcement and we’ll let you know when and what you have to do to win (hint: all you’ll have to do is comment on a post. We like to keep things as simple as possible for our fans. After all, you are fans!)

Win this Parkour Tee this week!

To learn about the weekly 1,000 Interaction Challenge click here!


Week 28: 1,394 Interactions!!!

We're giving away this tee this week! Stay tuned for details!

You guys have done it again! This week you have posted more interactions than ever before with 1,394 total comments, likes, and posts!

With a new record interaction total we are yet again giving away free Parkour clothing through our Facebook Fan Page! This week we are giving away a Take Flight City Tee. Sometime in the next 3 days we’ll post an announcement on the Take Flight page about the give-a-way. All you have to do is comment on the post for your chance to win!

Keep up the interacting and stay tuned into our page for more chances to win FREE PK gear and clothing!

Week 26: 1,042 Interactions!!!

Phantom Issue #1,042

For the fourth week in a row we have crossed the 1,000 interaction mark! This week, the 26th week of the challenge, we had 1,042 interactions on our Facebook page which means that more than 1,000 times Traceurs around the world have commented, shared, Liked, critiqued, showed support of, and otherwise interacted with us and the Worldwide Parkour community through our page. Great job everyone!

For reaching 1,000+ interactions we are (as we always do in this case) giving away more free Parkour clothing! It’s just one way we can think of to encourage the interaction and sharing of Parkour through Facebook. Stay connected to the Take Flight Facebook page for all the details and your chance to win!

Week 25: 1,356 Interactions!!!

You guys have done it again! For the third week in a row you have accomplished the task of making 1,000+ interactions on our Facebook page! This means we are giving away more free Parkour clothing.

We'll be giving away this tee later this week!

Every week that fans make 1,000 or more interactions (Likes, comments, or posts) on the Take Flight Facebook page we give away free clothing. Because we reached 1,042 this week, you have another chance to win. Sometime this week we will be posting on our Facebook page regarding this opportunity. When we do, all you have to do is follow the directions (which will be “comment on this post”) and you’ll be entered. One commenter will be selected at random and we will contact them and let them know they’ve won!

Thank you everyone for interacting and spreading Parkour to your friends through Facebook. This is the #1 thing we do through our page, and we’re overjoyed to see everyone participating by critiquing, commenting, liking, sharing what we we post. Keep it up next week for another chance to win!

Week 22: 854 Interactions…

We are getting closer! This, the 22nd week of the 1,000 Parkour Interaction Challenge, we experienced 854 interactions on the Take Flight Facebook Page. This is the highest interactions total since week 8 when we had 864 interactions.

Although we didn’t reach the 1,000 interaction-free-PK-clothing mark, the most exciting thing about the recent interaction total isn’t week 22’s total, but rather the total we are building for this week! At this point, in the last seven we’ve had 1,103 total interactions. This is the highest 7 day interaction total ever! The interaction total is calculated on Monday which means that all we have to do is maintain the interaction total over the next 5 days, nay, we can ever reduce our interaction total by 103 (!), and we will achieve the 1,000 interaction goal required for us to give away free Parkour clothing!

With 8 versions of the Original Parkour Tee now in the Take Flight store, and a handful of new products on the way in the next two weeks, we have more and more on the line which makes the weekly interaction sum more and more exciting. Let’s see if week 23 can be the one. Join us in helping spread Parkour; comment and “Like” posts, and post on the Take Flight Facebook Page so we can get to 1,000!