The 2013 Take Flight Traceur Team

The time has come! The official unveiling of the entire 2013 Take Flight team. Read down the list and see who you recognize.

Aaron Hakala (Sweden)
Adrian Pueyo (Spain)
AJ Aljaafreh (USA)
Alberto Tribello (Spain)
Aleksey Savin (Russia)
Alex Yde (France)
D’Ondrai Jones (USA)
David Belle (France)
Diego Lopez (Spain)
Dzhabrailov Zelimhan (Russia)
Fang Gu (Korea)
Hyun Dol (Korea)
Hyun Gun (Korea)
Jevin Dulak (USA)
Jiho Kim (Korea)
Joey Adrian (USA)
Jonathan Tapp (USA)
Keegan Swirbul (USA)
Ludwig von Berliner (Spain)
Luis Alkim (Portugal)
Miguel Angel Garcia (Spain)
Miguel Espada (Spain)
Nathan Jones (UK)
Nikolay Stasolik (Russia)
Pablo Barcala (Spain)
Pablo Valera (Spain)
Pedro Salgado (Portugal)
Santiago Asgi (Spain)
Stanislav Lazdan (Latvia)
Stephen Laster (USA)
Thibaut Granier (France)
Thomas Mougne (France)
Thomas Tapp (USA)
Toby Segar (UK)
Tony Nation (Korea)
Will Sutton (UK)

We have hand selected every one of these Traceurs for their amazing qualities as athletes, Parkour representatives, and as wonderfully positive people. We’re thrilled and honored to be able to work with them, and if they are any indication of the future (and we believe they absolutely are!) then 2013 is going to be an amazing year.

The 2013 Take Flight Traceur Team is here.

Go Train Tee – Launched

The Go Train Tee is launched! We previewed it last week and it spread through Facebook like wildfire.

Go Train. Parkour.
The Go Train Tee. Designed by David Belle. Distributed by Take Flight

The reported story behind the tee is this:

One day David Belle looked at Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap (also Belle’s brand manger and developer) and said, “One day I want to make a shirt that says, ‘Nothing happens by accident. Go train.’ ” And Dunlap looked at Belle and said, “Ok, sounds like a good idea to me.” They got to work and a month and a half later this shirt was made.

We are pleased to have the privilege to have this tee in our store, and we hope it inspires you to Go Train.

Take Flight Ads Are Circling the Web! (Part 2)

We recently created image ads that have been circling the web in the Take Flight name. In blog post part one, we showed you our “Official Clothing of Parkour” images. In this blog we wanted to debut a few of our other series known internally as our “Endorsed by David Belle series.”

Founder of Parkour - David Belle
Take Flight – Endorsed by David Belle
David Belle in Flight.
David Belle Sunset Ad
David Belle - Parkour Founder
Parkour Master and Founder David Belle
David Belle Silhouette
Our DB Silhouette Ad

Four images paring the founder of Parkour with the official clothing brand of the discipline. All brilliantly simple, and stunningly bold. Keep your eyes open because if you haven’t seen these yet then you’re sure to see them soon on websites everywhere.

David Belle Twitter Q&A III

On Friday September 8th David Belle held his 3rd Q&A session on Twitter. Here is a transcript of the questions that were asked and which Belle responded to. We’ve put them in the order asked and answered, and we’ve also included our best translations and corrections for spelling and other things as we thought appropriate.

You can click here to see Q&A session I.
You can click here to see Q&A session II.
David Belle Twitter Q&A

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David Belle Brand Sale!

For a very short time we are putting the entire David Belle brand on sale! There are 3 total inaugural designs, and 6 total tees in the David Belle line, and for the moment we’ve marked them down to as low as $16.

One thing you’ll notice with the David Belle line is unparalleled quality in every aspect. With embossed hang tags, woven sleeve labels, and featuring the name and image of David Belle, each one of these shirts stands neck and neck with any brand out there. Even world renown brands like brand Jordan.

David Belle Brand - Distributed by Take Flight
The David Belle Brand is on sale. Get the most amazing shirts in the Parkour world at an incredibly affordable price.

This sale is a deal that can be seen through the web screen, and it’s a deal you will fell the first time you put each one of these shirts on. So pick one up before this speical price discount is gone. The only place in the world that you can currently buy a David Belle Brand tee shirt is through the Take Flight site, and the shirts are now on sale so you can’t go wrong.

Go Train.

David Belle Twitter Interview II

Just yesterday (August 31) at 11am PST, David Belle held an open Q&A via his Twitter. This was the first time he has addressed questions publicly since his last Twitter Q&A held 9 months ago in November 2011.

The questions responded to by Belle seemed to be split pretty equally between personal questions, Parkour questions, and a career oriented questions.

  • He responded to a couple question about his personal life including mentioning his hobbies and his son.
  • He responded to a couple question regarding films, his current work, and his future film aspirations.
  • As we always hope and expect, Belle responded to questions about Parkour including discussing training locations, competitions, and other ideas.
  • And in the midst of all of that Belle alos referred to Take Flight in two different answer streams including answering a question directly from our social media and specifically mentioning Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap

Here is a transcript of the questions that were asked to Belle to which he responded. They are in the order asked and answered, and we’ve also included our best translations and corrections for spelling and other things as we thought appropriate.

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Stay Humble. David Belle Doesn’t Owe You Anything. (Part 3 of 3)

David Belle Takes FlightThis blog is continued from Part 2. Click here to read Part 2.

David does not like the limelight. He is a very private person and mostly keeps to himself except for spending time with close family and friends. That’s who he is and it won’t change, but it doesn’t make his influence or history in respect to Parkour any less powerful. You can’t separate the man from the discipline. To want to change David is to want to change Parkour, which is why we are having this discussion at all: people keep trying to change both.

Now as fate would have it we have been coaxing David out of his shell for some time, and now he is giving more! His Facebook and Twitter are two places where he does this, his brand is another which donates towards to underprivileged kids in Senegal and gives money towards the construction of Parkour City (another project in the works), and he has some new film projects and other Parkour specific projects we are working are that we are really excited about. In all, David is now more open and public than he has ever been! But it’s worth noting that he isn’t doing any of this for those who feel entitled, or for those who feel they deserve it, or because some people feel that he should be doing it or that he owes it to the Parkour community. He is doing these things because he loves it, and he is doing it for those that love Parkour, and for those that love and respect him for who he is.

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Stay Humble. David Belle Doesn’t Owe You Anything. (Part 2 of 3)

David Belle RooftopThis blog is continued from Part 1. Click here to read Part 1.

Here is a post David made on his Twitter that talks more about some of the relating issues. Take Flight recently posted this on their Facebook too, and you can click here to see the full comment from David. I’ll quote two of the parts that are most relevant to this post:

Today one of the reasons I am more quite today is because I don’t believe that my philosophy is meant for everyone. It’s more important to follow your own path than to follow someone else. Everyone has their way of doing things, and it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else. So be careful of philosophy. Everyone is going to find a way to express the same thing. In 10 years there may be 30 different philosophies of Parkour. One could say, “Always grab on” for example as a new philosophy. But those philosophies don’t change what Parkour is.

What David shows in this post is a few important things:

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Stay Humble. David Belle Doesn’t Owe You Anything. (Part 1 of 3)

David Belle - Founder of ParkourThe last blog I wrote for Take Flight was Should Parkour be in the Olympics? Absolutely. Part 1 of this post received a comment that I felt deserved a response because I don’t think the sentiment behind it is unique in the Parkour community. And it’s a negative sentiment. This blog is my effort to help put to rest many of the disrespectful and self-entitled thinking that still seems to frequently permeate the Parkour community worldwide.

The comment that was posted was this:

Yes, David Belle is important for obvious reasons but he said that his word shouldn’t be treated as gospel. That desire and his actions of, essentially, deserting us makes his opinion far less critical and relevant…

I’m going to respond to this comment in a very simple way, and in that hopefully dispel many of the most common misconception about David Belle, his discipline, and his legacy:

David Belle is the founder of Parkour, and he doesn’t owe you anything. It’s that simple.

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Should Parkour Be in the Olympics? Absolutely. (Part 2 of 2)

If you are here but have not yet read Should Parkour Be in the Olympics? Absolutely. (Part 1), please click here to check it out 🙂

#3. David’s View on ‘Parkour Competitions’
I can’t recall any extensive conversation David and I have had on Parkour competitions. It just has never come up, and in general it’s not really pertinent to current projects. But in addition to David’s Olympic viewpoint (already stated), I will tell you that in David’s Parkour City concept, he has proposed having a Parkour competition, and he even proposed and designed a Parkour competition course for it.

In summary, Parkour isn’t competitive, but you can still have competitions built on the spirit and purpose of the movement.

Update – August 13: David and I were walking around Lisses yesterday, so I probed a bit further and brought up the competition aspect again. Three points came out that I thought were worth emphasizing because they give more insight and show David’s heart towards competitions.

  • Sponsors would be ok, but the winner shouldn’t get a lot of money or anything like that. Maybe a trip/vacation would be a good prize.
  • The important thing would be to participate and be a part of it rather than winning.
  • Although time is involve and there would be a winner, he thinks of it as much as a “Sports Spectacle” as a competition.


Now one last thought(s) since this was supposed to be a blog that I wrote rather than simply one where I regurgitated and clarified David’s stance. I of course agree with David that Parkour could/should/would be great as an Olympic event. This was the thesis I was going to put forth even before asking him. However, because of how the Olympics work, I don’t see Parkour ever fitting in to the Games. And this is why:

  • The Olympics are steeped in tradition. You don’t see a lot of new events being let in.
  • Action sports of any kind (for the most part anything more dynamic than traditional events) are non-existent in the Olympics save for (as far as I know) snowboarding. And snowboarding isn’t as much of a new ‘event concept’ or ‘new action sport’ as it is a new method of navigation built on a previous concept which is skiing. The snowboarding half pipe is new so there is some precedent for the IOC being open to new things, but snowboarding seems to be the exception to this.
  • Most Olympic sports are always conducted, year after year, in the same way and this is part of the tradition. With the exception of slightly changed road courses for running and biking which cannot be avoided, and scoring rule changes which go on a sport by sport basis (take Gymnastics for example which no longer as a perfect 10 score) there is no dynamism in the Olympic Games that presents new challenges to athletes. In this way old records can also always be challenged. Because of this, I don’t see Parkour fitting in to the Games unless the IOC accepted a standard course that they never expected to change.

So there you have it. Should Parkour be in the Olympics? According to the founder, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Or is to say rather that David would be very pleased and would support the entry of Parkour as a sport in the Olympics. Whether it ever happens is another question entirely. I, for one, hope it does.

P.S. Update #2 since I am here. Since the initial writing of this I have been made aware that BMX is now an Olympic sport. Good call, David : )


Adam Dunlap is the founder of Take Flight. In addition to his ongoing role at the company, Adam is currently working closely with David Belle in films and on other projects in order to advance Parkour in the US and around the globe. Previous projects of Adam’s include starting the Revolution Parkour gym in Portland, Oregon, and running various Parkour blogs. Adam is an avid Traceur and can often be found training both outside and at Parkour classes in whatever city he finds himself. Adam currently takes no salary from his work with Take Flight.