Reject Pairs!! Save 30% On The New Take Flight 1.0s!

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes launched 2 weeks ago and Traceurs everywhere are raving about them. Amidst the satisfaction of Traceurs worldwide, some are even calling them “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” and “my dream shoes.”

Regular price on the 1.0s is $85 and they are worth every penny. But if you want to save an extra $25 (30%) then we have a special deal for you. You can pick up a reject pair for only $59.95.


Every pair of shoes we made is fantastic (we already check them all). But when we ship a pair of shoes, we inspect them again and pull out anything we don’t think is absolutely, absolutely perfect. As can be expected, we’ve found a few pairs (our standards are really high). The flaws we’ve found are usually minuscule such as a glue spots, a dot on the Flight Man logo, or a slight discoloration on part of the shoe. The truth of the matter is that after you wear the shoes for a week they will have more markings and deviations then these pairs have. And yet, we don’t like shipping shoes that aren’t than perfect. So we are classifying them as rejects and giving you the chance to get them for 30% OFF.

Reject 1.0s are now available for purchase on the site, and again they are only $59.95. If you plan to train hard in your 1.0s then this really is the best deal you’re going to find on them. Pick up your pair today and see how they change their world.


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