Parkour University Tee – Now in 5 Colors (Only $14.95)!!!

We’ve just launched the world renowned Parkour University Tee in 3 new colors – Royal Blue, Red and Green! It’s a classic design with a bold feel, and with the new color options, there is a version for everyone.

When we launched the tee earlier this year, we explained the design:

Parkour was founded by David Belle in 1987. This tee is the ultimate classic Parkour tee that testifies to the beginning to a new art.

Check out the current complete set of Parkour University Tees below and let us know what you think.

Click the image to pick up your tee for only $14.95!

Click here to pick up your Parkour University Tee for only $14.95! You’re going to love the classic clean look that shows the world you do Parkour.




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