One Year Gone. What Have People Been Saying About the Take Flight 1.0?

One year ago we unveiled the Take Flight 1.0. Immediately, people who had never worn the shoe came out against it and made mockery memes claiming the shoe had too much cushion and was made for beginners who didn’t want to learn proper form. Undeterred, our loyal fans and followers purchased the shoe trusting that the two years we put into development had made something extraordinary.

A year later, athletes around the world have worn the shoe and given their thoughts. From Parkour pros to unbaised customers, the response has been nothing but extraordinary. “Perfect” has been the word used by countless Traceurs in their analysis of the shoe, and everyday we hear new stories from athletes saying how much they love the Take Flight 1.0. Here are a few brief testimonials from around the world:

“The Take Flight 1.0s are the perfect shoes for me. They are so comfy and really nice for Parkour training!” –Alex Segura, Línea Recta – Parkour Almería (Spain)

“These are the best shoes I’ve had yet!” –tripp_parkour (Instagram)

“The grip is phenomenal. It makes me feel invincible on rails.” –Rick King, head instructor at Revolution Parkour (USA)

“For me, the Take Flight 1.0s are truly some of the best Parkour shoes available.” –Charles Burnet, West Coast Family (France)

“I got a pair of the [1.0s]… and they’re probably the best shoe I’ve ever owned. I find it hard to take them off when I get home.” -limabean06 (Instagram)

“The 1.0s are more durable than the Ariakes.” -Joey Adrian, Joey Adrian TV (USA)

“I feel so efficient in my training when I wear the 1.0s. I don’t lose time. The grip on them is by far the best.” –Nikolay Stasolik (Russia)

“I love these shoes!” –Andy Haug (Germany)

The testimonials go on and on.

If you want to start the year off right and either take your training seriously or just invest in a great shoe that is going to give you great results, then we recommend getting a pair of the 1.0s. They are only $69.95, and best of all they come with a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you don’t think they were worth every penny, we’ll give you your money back.

What have you go to lose? Pick up a pair today and Take Flight®.


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