How to Find Your Path

Parkour is a wonderful journey – you can start anywhere, at any age, and take whatever path you want. But how do you find that path? If you don’t focus on a goal or a certain ideal behind your training, why are you training?

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You need a purpose – a path, so to speak. Everyone’s path is different. Some people train to find their true potential, some train simply for fun. Some train to meet new and fascinating people, some train to make money. If you find out what you are training for, you will find more purpose in your daily sessions, more attention to detail, and you will progress in your movement.

Is your style the same thing as your path? Not necessarily. The path you take is influenced by the style you prefer. For example, if you prefer big drops and efficient vaults, then your path is probably going to be as an efficient Traceur rather than a free runner who focuses more on flips. In contrast, if you enjoy flipping and twisting through your environment, then you are going to embody that style.

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Essentially, the type of movement you prefer to perform is one of the deciding factor of your path. Parkour and freerunning are more or less just different styles, so in time and through training you will discover which you want, which one works better for you. Don’t force it; it must come naturally or you will be trying to be something you are not, which is a mistake that many people make.

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The most important part of finding your path is something that you might overlook sometimes: are you having fun? Are you enjoying the path you’ve chosen? If you ever answer “no” to either of those questions, then you are doing something wrong. If that is the case, then change it up. Experiment. Try something new! If you are generally a pure Traceur, then learn some flips. If you have been flipping and twisting, try some efficient moving. You may surprise yourself with what type of movement really resonates with your core.

Ultimately, the path you choose comes down to one thing: what is the most fun for you. After all, if you’re not having fun with your life, why continue with that life? Find your path, and you will be happy and, most importantly, having fun.

Who’s fly? Photo snapped by Mohamed Samy in Yemen. As long as you enjoy your training, the way we look at it, you’re on the right path.


Pierce Rockwell is a guest writer for us at Take Flight. He is a 15 year old freerunner who has been training since 2015. His favorite type of movement is big jumps mixed with flowy lines. He began writing articles a little more than a year ago, and he has written for and Urban Freeflow. He says, “Writing articles has given me a chance to look at the Parkour world through a philosophical perspective, and also allows me to progress in movement in a safe and effective way, something I hope to share with the rest of the community.”

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