Happy 40th Birthday Mr. David Belle!!

Today (Monday, the 29th) is a most momentous day. It is David Belle’s birthday. And not just any birthday. Today he turns 40!

In celebration of Mr. Belle’s very special birthday day we are doing two things:

#1. All day long we are posting rare David Belle photos, videos, and content through our Facebook page. Stay tuned for that!

#2. We are going to have a one day 40% OFF sale. Seems fitting, right? So here you go:

  • Coupon code: Belle40
  • Discount: 40% on select tees including… all David Belle Line Tees, Simply Traceur Tee, Parkour DNA Tee, Parkour Limitless Tee, Roof Jump Tee, PK Jumper Tee, and the Trace Your Path Tee.
  • Dates: April 29, 2013 (ONE DAY ONLY)

It’s the least we can do for the founder of Parkour. We hope our postings and sale adds a little bit of joy to your Monday and helps you remember how special this day is 🙂

Take Flight.

Happy 40th Birthday to the founder of Parkour – David Belle.



5 thoughts on “Happy 40th Birthday Mr. David Belle!!

  1. Hi!
    The Belle40 coupon code did not work when I tried to purchase items on 29 April.

    “Coupon code ‘Belle40’ is not valid.”


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