Find Out Who Won the Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes!

We have two overdue winners to announce from our Take Flight 1.0 giveaway contests. We thought we’d announce them in an article, and here they are.

The winners of the Take Flight 1.0s are…

  • Billy Navarrette
  • Angus Gordon

Congratulations, guys!! Send us an email at to claim your shoes. We’ll have a few questions for to confirm your identity, and then we’ll send them out!

Thank you everyone for entering via your shares and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Pick up your pair of 1.0s today and get FREE international shipping! Just use the code “TF1.0” at checkout!



CLICK HERE to find out more about the Take Flight vision to support Parkour, Traceurs, and communities everywhere!



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