Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Do you want financial freedom? Then we believe being a part of our sponsorship team is the way to get there.

These are the benefits we are now giving to our team of pros. It’s a huge step we are taking to make Take Flight a community owned company.

All of our pros will now receive the following benefits:

  • Annual free shoe/gear stipend
  • Financial bonuses based on success of videos launched on our social media channels.
  • Financial bonuses based on competition placement
  • Profit-sharing. This comes in the end-of-year financial bonus based on company profit for all pros who have been on the team for at least 6 months.
  • Affiliate link so if/when you share our site such as in YouTube videos, you get a kickback from sales generated.
  • Consideration for future endorsement contracts.
  • Consideration for commissioned projects
  • And more!
Click here to read out sponsorship setup and learn how to become a part of our team and reach financial freedom.

Read the full Sponsorship and Ambassador breakdown by clicking here, and if you want to be a part of what we are creating, write us at For now, the process to getting into our team starts at the Ambassador level unless you are a really well known pro. And for those of you that are big names, go ahead and write us. We’d love to hear from you and work out an agreement that puts you on the path to financial freedom just for being a part of our team

Make no mistake, we are here to:

  1. Build the strongest team of Traceurs in the Parkour world.
  2. Make that the team not only reaps the short term benefits of Take Flight’s success, but also effectively become owners of the brand and benefits for decades to come.

Other brands will call you an “Ambassador” with no intention of changing your life. Or they will offer you a short term endorsement with the vision of leveraging you to make money. Take Flight is different.

We are here to make you a part of our brand, and work together to keep you in your bliss and allow you to reach financial freedom just for being a part of what we do. Write us to find out more.

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