New Series – Your Videos + Top 10 Countdown

#1. We want your videos! Since was founded we have crammed the site with the most well known Parkour videos from the founders of the art. The majority of these have of course featured David Belle, Sébastien Foucan, Stephane Vigroux, and the Yamakasi. However a website dedicated to the discipline would not be complete without showing the influence Parkour is having around the world. We have decided to feature just that by creating a series comprised of videos of Tracers from all locations and all walks of life. Parkour isn’t about who can jump off the tallest building or who can do the biggest saut de bras. Absolutely anyone can do Parkour! And regardless of whether you have been training for one week, a month, or five years, we want to include your video in our feature! If you have a demo tape, an annual Parkour achievement reel, or any other video of you doing Parkour which you would like to submit, please send us the link at We will sort through the submissions and post as many videos as we can in our future series which will be dedicated to highlighting Tracers from all around the globe. Please also provide your name, age, location, and how long you have been practicing Parkour so we can make sure to include this information in the post. As always thank you for being such an integral part of!

#2. There are still a handful of well known Parkour videos that are missing from our library which feature David Belle and other famous Tracers. If you have been wondering why we haven’t yet added these to it is because we have been saving them for another special series which we will be launching tomorrow. Starting tomorrow we are going to begin an unprecedented series that will last almost two weeks titled the Top 10 Parkour Commercial Countdown. As the title suggests it will be comprised of a countdown of the top 10 Parkour commercials ever made. We have been working diligently to find these commercials and view and rate them in order to create the top ten, and we know you will not be disappointed with the results. No less than six of theses commercials feature David Belle, and other Tracers included in the commercial countdown include Sébastien Foucan, Stephane Vigroux and Kazuma. This is an unprecedented Parkour feature in any form of media and we are excited to be the very first to ever conduct the countdown. Stay tuned to for the Top 10 Parkour Commercial Countdown and a few extra surprises we are planning to throw in as well.