8 Days ‘Til the Take Flight 1.0 Launch – The Compression Landing System (Parkour Shoe)

8 Days ‘Til Launch – The Compression Landing System

One special innovation we brought to the Take Flight 1.0 is something we’ve called our Compression Landing System™ (CLS). The CLS is a specially designed and formulated layer of EFA foam that we’ve added to the insole to increase comfort and absorption when landing. We think you’re going to feel the difference and love it because best of all, even though it increases comfort and cushioning, it doesn’t take away feel. Additionally, we’ve designed this layer such that if you prefer, you can even take it out of the shoe completely. In that ways it’s like an added optional feature to the shoe. Now tell us this: how many shoes have you ever purchased that had optional features? We’ve never heard of it. And that’s just one more way the Take Flight 1.0 is bringing innovation to shoes everywhere and Parkour shoes specifically.

Parkour Shoe from Take Flight - Compression Landing System



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New Video Series! Parkour Basics from Take Flight Pro Brandon Latocki.

As of last week we’ve launched a new bi-monthly video series made for Traceurs and Take Flight followers worldwide. It’s called Brandon’s Basics, or, to be a little more descriptive, Brandon’s Parkour Basics.

The series will focus on some of the foundational ideas and movements in Parkour. The series is made expressly for Traceurs who are still figuring out the Parkour ropes. But if the first episode is any indication, we think they’ll be valuable for Traceurs of all experience levels even including those teaching, as they may be able to glean ideas, descriptions, and perspective, to aid them in passing on their knowledge to their students

The genius behind the series is Take Flight pro Brandon Latocki. He is one of our newest pros, but he’s not new to Take Flight. He is an original student of Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap, and he has been wearing Take Flight even before “everyone was wearing Take Flight,” if you know what we mean. Latocki is also a current instructor at Revolution Parkour where he has been teaching Parkour for more than two years.

The first episode in the series (above) launched last Monday. Next Monday episode 2 will be releasing on our YouTube page.

Click to see Brandon Latocki’s Parkour Tutorial on the ROM Landing.

Advice For Traceurs By Traceurs

We recently asked our fans to tell us the best piece of advice they could give to people just starting to train Parkour. There were literally hundreds of responses and we put together a sample for our friends, fans, and readers.

Joshua Lissenden – Take it slow, never try something that is out of your skill range, and ALWAYS work up to something.

Chris Othoudt – Probably just take it slowly, and not rush into things that could seriously injure you, learn about what you’re doing and how to do it correctly. It takes a lot of time and practice to become good.

Cassidy Stinson – Don’t forget to stretch and do conditioning, and don’t start with big drops!

Victor Khizhnyak – Be consistent in your practice and exercise. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Adam Christie – Parkour is about pushing yourself to your own limits. Not somebody else’s. Start small, it may look comical or even stupid but you will end up at jumps that will make peoples jaws drop if you do so.

Andy Peeples – Anyone can do it, it’s just about whether or not you acknowledge it. It’s all about the mindset; if you know without a doubt you can complete what you’re doing, you’ll do it. If you doubt yourself: don’t.

Matt Hughes – Be safe, push your self but not to the point of break. And remember, always keep this with you. Pain is temporary quitting is forever, we all fall but true strength is determined on his recovery and the way you get up from that fall.

Josh Balbier – DO NOT think that because you have been practicing for a few hours that you are ready to take on 15ft drops onto concrete. Even though you may have the technique down, your body has to get used to all of the strenuous activity. That children, is called conditioning.

Tyler Harbin Giuntoli – The first obstacle is fear, the second skill, and the third strength.

Roberto Hernandez – If you don’t feel comfortable trying something, train, train, train it then try it

Darian Baehler – work hard to become what you want to be. Let nothing stand in the way of your dream.

Talon Wolfgang Brandel – Do not let your fear run your life. Control it.

Austin Elliott – Tuck and roll, train your core, always practice, enjoy what you do and have fun

Jay Price – Push your boundaries, but only a little at a time.

Nick Radanovic – Never give up!

Brandon Pineda – commit to something that you know you can do

Kevin Frens – Start with the basics, find your style and work from there!

David Toovey – Practice makes perfect 🙂

Michael Evans – Parkour is 70% mental 30% physical once you overcome the fear and do it right, there’s nothing stoppin’ you from being pro.

Jared Stockhaus – Always push for something more but know your limit don’t ever do something stupid just to impress

Alex Jolly – View your abilities as a bubble that expands as they grow. Push that bubble to hard and it will pop, leaving you injured or otherwise incapacitated. Train safe and smart. But most importantly, enjoy it.

Fuel Dubsteppin – its all about TECHNIQUE!! condition and progress slowly, practice makes PERMANENT, so learn and practice correct technique.

Allen Rounsley – Start small. Think big. Work with friends. Create your own moves. Most of all, have fun!

Lenny Danger Corbett – Progression is key, work on your basics first, landing, rolling etc. Then you can start thinking bigger.

Matthew Blanchard – Start small and low to the ground. You will progress much quicker if you don’t have to heal from an injury than if you go too big too quickly. Develop the mentality that “Failure is simply not possible” and you can do anything from any height.

Jacob Chung – Don’t worry about what people think, just work at your own pace and do what your comfortable with!

Larry Parkourmonkey Le – stay dedicated and you will unlock all you want to achieve; it is basically the key to the world of dreams XD

Jake Garner – Never feel bad when you watch all the pros online if you practice you will be there one day!

Justin Illusion Deffner – take it slow, work on the basics. I know that you want to do the big, flashy movements, and trust me, you will get there. But first, we have to condition your body to the point where it will do the movement itself. Every advanced move is based on a basic move, so let’s get those basics going 😀

Héctor André Carlo – If you cant do something because you’re scared then try something smaller. If u keep practicing and not giving up then you’ll get it one day.

Jonchi D. Walter – Don’t practice Parkour. Live it. Respect it, and therefore respect your body. Know your limits. Safely surpass them. All people plateau, only some persist.

‘Constantly’ Konstantin Chernyshov – Remember to have fun! ALWAYS!!

Joeson Wong – Progression is the key.

Indiana Kuffer – Don’t climb up anything you can’t get down from!

Amplified Parkour – Oh and don’t forget to have fun…..JUMP FLY DREAM!!!!!!

Jeff Blouin – Train hard but train safely!

Justin Fowler – Practice hard, you get out what you put in!!

Kyle Brinegar – The best thing to do is to find your own flow, everyone has their own methods that may not work for everyone else Get comfortable with the way you want to run and then go from there 🙂

Bryan Zhu – Take mental risks, not physical ones.

Oliver Warlow – Judge it twice, jump it once.

Andrew Foster – fluid, beautiful movement is about confidence. If your mind is uncertain, then your body will move uncertainly. So train each movement until your confidence cannot be shaken. Then you can soar.

Star Donovan – It’s all about progression: You want to be doing moves for decades to come, not just today. With that in mind, scale movements to your own level. Also, we are a community. We help each other, so there is no shame in asking for a spot from someone.

Hawaii Parkour’s Park Clean Up Jam!

Hawaii Parkour spreading awareness and cleanliness. Last month TF Partner Hawaii Parkour launched “Parkour Awareness Month and Ala Moana Park Clean Up”. This is great initiative aimed at cleaning up a local park where they hold regular classes. This was their thinking and their plan to carry it out .

The idea is very simple. If you have a favorite spot to train you should take care of it for a couple reasons:

– You want your spot to be maintained so you can continue to train there. You don’t want to worry about spilled soda or gum getting on your shoes and things like broken glass.

– If you train there often people will associate that spot with not only you, but other Traceurs and Parkour in general. In some areas we Traceurs are already labeled as vandals and simply cleaning up some trash can help change that stereotype. The more supporters we gain for Parkour the more places we will be allowed to train.

No matter where you are from or where you train, we are all part of the same global community. Every piece of rubbish you remove is one less negative thing in the world and one more positive spot on the planet. Show the people of your community how much you care about your training spots and do your best to leave no trace.

Check out the clean up and that day’s jam in the video below!


Diversify Your Training!

Just last month Keegan Swirbul of the Take Flight Flow Team placed 2nd at the USA Cycling 2011 Mountain Bike XC Nationals! Now we know where he gets his leg power!

After hearing this news we thought it’d be a good time to point out the benefits of cross training. In fact, most of the TF Team excels in other sports too and it’s no wonder because diverse training is a great way to learn about your abilities and push your limits while training in other areas. A few other examples from the Take Flight Street Team:

Pasha Breakdances!

Ruslan Dzhavadov practiced Taekwondo.

Nikolay Stasolik practiced breakdancing and bouldering.

Trevor de Groot played hockey and soccer growing up.

Having knowledge of your limits and capabilities is a cornerstone of Parkour.  Playing sports, dancing, and martial arts all require you to learn new kinds of movement which make them great cross training sports. By doing these you explore the capabilities of your body in new environments, new situations, and with new obstacles. These other aspects of movement will also help you improve your overall fitness, give you a better understanding of yourself, as well as help you hone your personal style and training/movement focus.

Even though Parkour will always be #1 on our list, mixing other sports in addition Parkour training is a-OK with us. In fact we encourage it. Be like members of the Take Flight Team and integrate your sport of choice into your exercise regime, and see where it takes you.

Trevor de Groot Never Gives Up!

Training Parkour can be quite safe when done properly, but no matter how careful we are sometimes accidents happen. Accidents can teach us that we were not being as safe as we should have been, while other accidents are just fluke events. Flow Team athlete Trevor de Groot recently suffered a major injury to his foot after a stroke of bad luck.

After climbing down off of a wall the top of the wall fell slamming down on his foot. This crushed his toes and he required 50 stitches! Trevor foot was completely out of commission for a couple weeks making training impossible.

This isn’t stopping Trevor though, “I plan on demonstrating that injuries should not stop Traceurs from progressing… Traceurs should never give up.” Trevor has been working his upper body and conditioning to keeping improving.

Take Flight athletes really are die hard. We are hoping Trevor has a swift and healthy recovery from this and in the upcoming weeks we will be posting training videos on the Take Flight Facebook page and blogs to keep fans up to date with Trevor’s progression.

Hope For A Parkour Park In Texas!

“Now, is a great great time for Parkour!” – Matthew Lee Willis of Texas Parkour

It is the mission of Texas Parkour and the Parkour Federation to make the Austin Parks and Recreation Board of Officials see the truth in this quote. Over 2 months in the works, Take Flight Partner Texas Parkour has been trying to build support for building a Parkour park in Austin, Texas, and just recently they received news that the committee accepted their first round proposal! In only 2 weeks they will be giving a presentation that will determine the future of this project.

We are extremely excited for Texas Parkour and we are looking forward to supporting them throughout the process. For more information on the park and how to help and to show your support, visit Texas Parkour at the following sites:

Texas Parkour Home Page

Texas Parkour Parks


Take Flight Mishap Video Showcase

Three weeks ago we started premiering Facebook Page showcases to give specific direction, progression, and themes to posts on our page. Our first showcase was focused on the 2011 Red Bull Art of Motion competition, and our second was comprised of more than fours days of pure tutorial videos. For our third showcase we’ve decided to switch things up a bit and show what happens when athletes are not at the top of their game.

The falling, failing, bailing, and fun showcase will feature videos that will make you cringe, laugh, wince, and most of all appreciate what we all go through when we train and progress. Falling is part of the journey up the mountain and that’s what we want to emphasize in this showcase. The videos will be from athletes of all skill levels, even a few TF Pro Athletes, which goes to show that we all have something to learn.

We have over 15 videos to post in this showcase and we guarantee you will both love and hate every one. So stay tuned into the page and check back often to make sure you don’t miss a second of it.

Take Flight Tutorial Showcase!

This week Take Flight is bringing a tutorial showcase to help jump start your summer training! There are so many incredible Tracuers out there and many of them are incredible teachers as well. We will be posting dozens of informative videos on the Take Flight Facebook page over the next 3 days just for our fans. Whether you are working on perfecting your double kong to cat or simply trying to learn what “vault” even means, there will be some great tutorial videos just for you.

Many of us at Take Flight focus on pure Parkour movements, but who doesn’t love the occasion flip now and then. This tutorial showcase will include flips, flyaways, wall flips, and a host of other freerunning tricks that you fans ask about all the time. Keep in mind that just because you have watched a video enough times to memorize each frame, still doesn’t mean you can just go out and try it. Some of these movements, flips especially, can be dangerous if you do not train properly and follow correct progressions to build up to them. You should always train within your limits, and, if you can, work with an experienced instructor.

These videos will surely inspire you to work on building new skills and tricks over the summer. We will be showing you a so many tutorials from different athletes and teams it will be like a free summer camp! Be safe when you train. Jump, Fly, Dream!

Summer Training Safety Tips

As the summer sun and heat move into the Northern Hemishpere with full force, lots of you will be out training. The nicer weather and no school means you will be out training Parkour and freerunning for longer hours and in the summer heat. We at Take Flight like hearing about all your training and progression, and we especially love seeing video and pictures. But it’s terrible hearing about injuries!

Team Kinetic Trains Together!

We have put together a few basic tips for summer training to help keep you healthy and training all summer long.

These tips are supposed to help you avoid any injuries, but accidents do happen, so you should have a Parkour partner, freerunning friend, or just train around other people in case you do get hurt.

Always drink enough water; it is better to have to take an extra restroom break than it is to get dehydrated. Just a note, some energy drinks and most sodas dehydrate you, so if you are going to have them, have water to back it up.

On really sunny days it is important for most people to have plenty of sunscreen on especially if you are going shirtless. The exposure to the sun causes increased fatigue rates and fatigue can lead to mistakes and accidents. Some athletes and trainers say it’s better to keep your tee shirt on in the mid-day sun to protect from the sun. Now if only you could find a Parkour T-Shirt company 😉

Follow proper progressions when training Parkour or freerunning. Drilling skills is very important and most people move on as soon as they land a skill once. A quote inspired by David Belle says, “A good Traceur trains until he gets it right, and excellent Traceur trains until he can’t get it wrong.” This means take your time with each skill.

These quick tips should help you have a fun and safe summer of Parkour, train safe and HAVE FUN!