The World’s Newest Parkour Shoe – The Take Flight Ultra!!

In response to the success of the Take Flight 1.0, we embarked on a mission to design a new shoe for the Parkour world. We wanted to improve upon the 1.0 while also creating something that appealed to a different style. After more than a year in development, the final result is the Take Flight Ultra.

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We have made the shoe in 3 amazing colors to fit your style! To find out more, see videos of our pros wearing the shoe, and to save 30% by picking up a pair for only $65 then please click here!

Click here to pick up your pair for $65 and save 30%!!

Click here to pick up your pair for $65 and save 30%!!

The Take Flight Ultra in Flame Red! Just one of our 3 brilliant colors!

Reject Pairs!! Save 30% On The New Take Flight 1.0s!

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes launched 2 weeks ago and Traceurs everywhere are raving about them. Amidst the satisfaction of Traceurs worldwide, some are even calling them “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” and “my dream shoes.”

Regular price on the 1.0s is $85 and they are worth every penny. But if you want to save an extra $25 (30%) then we have a special deal for you. You can pick up a reject pair for only $59.95.


Every pair of shoes we made is fantastic (we already check them all). But when we ship a pair of shoes, we inspect them again and pull out anything we don’t think is absolutely, absolutely perfect. As can be expected, we’ve found a few pairs (our standards are really high). The flaws we’ve found are usually minuscule such as a glue spots, a dot on the Flight Man logo, or a slight discoloration on part of the shoe. The truth of the matter is that after you wear the shoes for a week they will have more markings and deviations then these pairs have. And yet, we don’t like shipping shoes that aren’t than perfect. So we are classifying them as rejects and giving you the chance to get them for 30% OFF.

Reject 1.0s are now available for purchase on the site, and again they are only $59.95. If you plan to train hard in your 1.0s then this really is the best deal you’re going to find on them. Pick up your pair today and see how they change their world.


Find Out Who Won the Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes!

We have two overdue winners to announce from our Take Flight 1.0 giveaway contests. We thought we’d announce them in an article, and here they are.

The winners of the Take Flight 1.0s are…

  • Billy Navarrette
  • Angus Gordon

Congratulations, guys!! Send us an email at to claim your shoes. We’ll have a few questions for to confirm your identity, and then we’ll send them out!

Thank you everyone for entering via your shares and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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The Take Flight 1.0 Shoe Has Launched! (11 BEST PHOTOS)

Almost two years in the making and designed to be the greatest Parkour shoe on the planet. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe has launched!!

Below are some of our favorite photos of the shoe. We look forward to seeing what photos you take 🙂

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe breathes fire.
The world’s best Parkour shoe made by The Official Clothing of Parkour. It’s the perfect combo.
The shoe is NOT two days away. It’s here! But we loved this photo nonetheless 🙂
Made for the demands of concrete. You won’t want to trace in any other shoe after you try the 1.0.
A pure Parkour shoe made with a pure heart for Parkour.
Finally a show that will take you anywhere. Take Flight.
The best rail grip on any shoe you’ve ever worn – guaranteed.
The 1.0s shot fireworks for the 4th of July. They are patriotic like that 🙂
Ready for Hollywood – that’s what you’ll feel like when you wear the 1.0s.
No more excuses. A shoe for Traceurs. Train Hard.
If the 1.0s inspire you to follow your dreams, then we’ve done out job. Jump. Fly. Dream.

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8 Days ‘Til the Take Flight 1.0 Launch – The Compression Landing System (Parkour Shoe)

8 Days ‘Til Launch – The Compression Landing System

One special innovation we brought to the Take Flight 1.0 is something we’ve called our Compression Landing System™ (CLS). The CLS is a specially designed and formulated layer of EFA foam that we’ve added to the insole to increase comfort and absorption when landing. We think you’re going to feel the difference and love it because best of all, even though it increases comfort and cushioning, it doesn’t take away feel. Additionally, we’ve designed this layer such that if you prefer, you can even take it out of the shoe completely. In that ways it’s like an added optional feature to the shoe. Now tell us this: how many shoes have you ever purchased that had optional features? We’ve never heard of it. And that’s just one more way the Take Flight 1.0 is bringing innovation to shoes everywhere and Parkour shoes specifically.

Parkour Shoe from Take Flight - Compression Landing System



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13 Days ‘Til Launch – The Keeper of the Take Flight 1.0 (Parkour Shoe)

13 Days ‘Til Launch – The Keeper of the Take Flight 1.0

When we set out to make the Take Flight 1.0 we wanted everything to be special. And that included the details that surrounded the shoe such as the box. So similar in style to the Take Flight 1.0 shoe design, we created the box. As you can see below it’s a sleek design that combines a retro patent leather feel with smooth, sophisticated style. In addition to having a prominent Flight Man on the top of the box, we even wrote the shoe name on the outside so there would be no confusion about what you were getting. Think about this for a second: have you ever seen a shoe that had its name on the box? Not even Nike does that with their $300 brand Jordan shoe. But that doesn’t surprise us. Like we said, we wanted everything about this shoe to be special. It’s just one of the ways we’ve making waves and setting a new standard.

The keeper of the Take Flight 1.0.

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Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe – Days 22 to 16

We are counting down the days to the Take Flight 1.0 launch by giving you daily insights into the shoe and its development process! Here is a recap of the last 7 days!

22 Day ‘Til Launch – Giving Credit Where It Is Due

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe was an extensive process that took us more than two years to make, and it cost tens of thousands of dollars just to design. There were also tons of people involved in this process. So before we go any farther in explaining the shoe, we have to give credit where it’s due. And most prominently that includes acknowledging the Take Flight pros who were involved.

In the process of making the Take Flight 1.0 we brought in the added expertise of some of the most talented and loyal Take Flight Traceurs. They advised and gave their input on general concepts and most specifically as it pertained to outsole design for grip. The primary Traceur advisers on the shoes were Toby Segar, Joey Adrian, Nikolay Stasolik, D’Ondrai Jones, Nathan Jones, Stefan Hinkelmann, and Jonathan Tapp. Also, as we’ve said, initial concept and performance consultation was provided from David Belle although he left the project in the early stages. Simply put – without this incredible group of guys, the Take Flight 1.0 never would have become what it is today. And we think you’ll be even more thankful for all the input these guys gave once you try the shoe on and spend a day tracing in it. You are going to love it.

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (7)

21 Days ‘Til Launch – Made With European Sizing. Wait, What?!

One of the important decisions we made about the Take Flight 1.0 was what sizes to make the shoe in. As many have found out, we don’t technically have every typical American shoe size available in the Take Flight 1.0. Although we make sizes from 5.5 to 12.5, there are technically no American 7.5, 9.0, or 10.5 shoe sizes in that breakdown. But even though some might see that as missing sizes, the truth is we have a shoe size that will fit everyone (as long as you are between 5.5 and 12.5). What most people don’t know (and what is a little odd, too) is that the EU has less shoe sizes in the same range than the US. And yet everyone in the EU still manages to find a shoe that fits them. Incredible! Following this model we decided to make the Take Flight 1.0 in 10 EU sizes from 38 to EU 47, and when we translated the sizes to US by dimensions it technically left out a few US sizes. So what does this mean exactly? What it means is that at first glance, it may seem that your US size is missing from our online store. But the reality is, it isn’t. And if you’re from Europe then you won’t notice the difference at all

The Take Flight 1.0 is available in the following sizes:
US Sizing: 5.5-12.5
UK Sizing: 4.5-11.5
EU Sizing: 38-47

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (6)

20 Days ‘Til Launch – The 1st of 50

Today is the 5th year anniversary of our international clothing launch. In those last 1,826 days, we’ve gone from zero followers and 6 inaugural t-shirts, to 100,000+ followers and our very own shoe, the Take Flight 1.0 shown here. If we can make that transformation in the first 5 years of our international presence, then the obvious question is, what do the next 5 years hold? The answer is 50 different shoes.

Our pledge is that by June 25, 2019 we will have released at least 49 additional new Parkour and Freerunning shoes. They’ll be different styles, different colors, and different focuses all designed uniquely to make sure that every Traceur on the planet has a Take Flight shoe they can fall in love with. The Take Flight 1.0 just so happens to be the first. We love it and believe it will stand the test of time, but you gotta believe it’s just the beginning. And here’s the best part: all we need from you to make these next 49 shoes happen is your continued support. Continue being enthusiastic about what we do; continue supporting our videos and vision; continue interacting with us online and keep sharing our posts and telling your friends about how much you love our clothing. We’ll do the rest and make you proud

The Take Flight 1.0 is the first of 50 Take Flight shoes. That doesn’t mean the 50th shoe will be called the Take Flight 50.0, but it could be. You’ll just have to wait and see.

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (5)

19 Days ‘Til Launch – A Shoe For Traceurs Who Train Hard

Make no mistake about it – the Take Flight 1.0 was not forged for those who like the idea of jumping and climbing, and vaulting. It was forged for those who want to train, and more specifically, it was forged for Traceurs who want to train hard. Every aspect of this shoe was designed to withstand the demands of thousands of jumps completed on concrete. From the idealistic combination of cushioning and feel, to the flexibility and simultaneous strength of the sole, to the tread grip combined with the stickiest, durable rubber compound, the 1.0 is both light and incredibly strong in ways few companies have ever achieved. But the unique quality of the shoe doesn’t surprise us. That’s because not Nike, nor Adidas, nor Under Armor, nor any company in all the world has ever taken so much care in designing a shoe for Parkour as we did for this. And we think you’ll see the results the first time you put this shoe on as well as the 100th.

The Take Flight 1.0 is a shoe for Traceurs. So wear it, and train hard.


take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (1)

18 Days ‘Til Launch – Designed By A Traceur

There is something essential about the Take Flight 1.0 that most other Parkour shoes don’t have – the Take Flight 1.0 was designed by a Traceur. A couple days ago we gave credit to the Take Flight pros that were integral in consulting on the shoe. Those included guys like Toby Segar, Joey Adrian, and David Belle. However, the most influential mind behind the Take Flight 1.0 was Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap. And in case you were wondering, Dunlap has been a dedicated Traceur since early 2007. It was Dunlap’s vision, dedication, experience, and worldwide travels to France and China during development, not to mention his personal work and training with David Belle, that made the 1.0 what it is. It’s also his birthday today, so we thought posting about his influence was especially fitting. Here are two personal photos from Dunlap’s desk that show a bit of the creative process behind the 1.0 as well as the finished shoe.

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (4)

17 Days ‘Til Launch – Timeless Style

One thing you’re going to realize as soon as you get the Take Flight 1.0s – they look even cooler person. Clearly function was the most important aspect for us when designing the shoes as we wanted something that performed and stood up to the demands of Parkour. But second to function was style. And for that we wanted something that looked sweet AND we wantedsomething that matched a huge array of apparel choices. We could have made the shoes blue, for example, but we felt that was just too limiting! Our goal was to make a shoe that went with virtually any outfit, and would also stand the test of time and still be ‘hot’ in 10 years. With a refined urban design and black and white as our color choices, we think we accomplished this. And if our photos haven’t yet convinced you of this, then just wait until you see a pair in person. We think you’re going to love them all the more.

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (3)

16 Days ‘Til Launch – The BEST Grip on Rails of Any Shoe You’ve Ever Worn

What’s one thing that a Parkour shoe absolutely must have? Amazing grip. So one of the things we set out to do was make sure the Take Flight 1.0 had the best grip of ANY shoe ever used for Parkour. To do this we created a waffle type outsole to provide grip texture and we made the sole out of the stickiest-durable rubber compound we could devise. The result is a shoe that is unrivaled in it’s ability to help you stick and grip rails, walls, and any other type of urban or natural surface you will encounter. In fact we’re so confident in the gripping ability of Take Flight 1.0 that if you don’t agree with us that it has the best out-of-the-box grip on rails of any shoe you’ve ever worn, we’ll give you your money back. That’s part of our TSG (Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee) and our vision to stand behind our products 100%.

take-flight-1.0-parkour-shoe (2)


Stay tuned into our Facebook page for all the insight and news about the Take Flight 1.0s, set to ship worldwide on July 15th!



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The Take Flight 1.0 – The Greatest Parkour Shoe of All Time

Yesterday we unveiled the Greatest Parkour Shoe of All Time – the Take Flight 1.0. Believe the hype. It really is that good.

The Greatest Parkour Shoe of All Time. Believe it.

The shoe is now on pre-order in our online store for only $59.95!! (30% off). The final cost of the Take Flight 1.0 when it launches on May 15th will be $85. The price of the shoe will steadily increase until the launch date, so picking a pair up now is the best choice. Not to mention, we stand behind the shoes 100%! So if you don’t like them when you put them on, we’ll give you a 100% no-questions-asked refund. It’s all a part of our TSG – Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee.


We call this set-up “Hollywood.” These shoes deserve it.

**Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of the new shoe!!!**