Black Friday Parkour Sale!!

The day after Thanksgiving is here! And that means it’s Black Friday which means we have some amazing deals for you! To make things simple, these deals WILL last through Monday. BUT they are limited by inventory, so please don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

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Black Friday… errr Black WEEKEND Sale!!

Our post-Thanksgiving sale is in full swing! Have you seen it? It has our best deals of the year, hands down. Check out some of the sales below.

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One Year Gone. What Have People Been Saying About the Take Flight 1.0?

One year ago we unveiled the Take Flight 1.0. Immediately, people who had never worn the shoe came out against it and made mockery memes claiming the shoe had too much cushion and was made for beginners who didn’t want to learn proper form. Undeterred, our loyal fans and followers purchased the shoe trusting that the two years we put into development had made something extraordinary.

A year later, athletes around the world have worn the shoe and given their thoughts. From Parkour pros to unbaised customers, the response has been nothing but extraordinary. “Perfect” has been the word used by countless Traceurs in their analysis of the shoe, and everyday we hear new stories from athletes saying how much they love the Take Flight 1.0. Here are a few brief testimonials from around the world:

“The Take Flight 1.0s are the perfect shoes for me. They are so comfy and really nice for Parkour training!” –Alex Segura, Línea Recta – Parkour Almería (Spain)

“These are the best shoes I’ve had yet!” –tripp_parkour (Instagram)

“The grip is phenomenal. It makes me feel invincible on rails.” –Rick King, head instructor at Revolution Parkour (USA)

“For me, the Take Flight 1.0s are truly some of the best Parkour shoes available.” –Charles Burnet, West Coast Family (France)

“I got a pair of the [1.0s]… and they’re probably the best shoe I’ve ever owned. I find it hard to take them off when I get home.” -limabean06 (Instagram)

“The 1.0s are more durable than the Ariakes.” -Joey Adrian, Joey Adrian TV (USA)

“I feel so efficient in my training when I wear the 1.0s. I don’t lose time. The grip on them is by far the best.” –Nikolay Stasolik (Russia)

“I love these shoes!” –Andy Haug (Germany)

The testimonials go on and on.

If you want to start the year off right and either take your training seriously or just invest in a great shoe that is going to give you great results, then we recommend getting a pair of the 1.0s. They are only $69.95, and best of all they come with a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you don’t think they were worth every penny, we’ll give you your money back.

What have you go to lose? Pick up a pair today and Take Flight®.


Take Flight PK/FR Video Recap (Week #26)

Every week for the last 5 years we’ve posted great Parkour and Freerunning videos on our Facebook page. Now every week we bring them to you in one easy to view place. Here are our Take Flight® Parkour and Freerunning video picks from week #26.


NEW VIDEO!! We can feel the movement. Can you?

Go on an adventure. Storror Blog shows how it’s done. #takeflight

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Take Flight PK/FR Video Recap (Week #25)

Every week for the last 5 years we’ve posted great Parkour and Freerunning videos on our Facebook page. Now every week we bring them to you in one easy to view place. Here are our Take Flight Parkour and Freerunning video picks from week #25.


Victor Giri from West Coast Family! This man has style.

Installment #3 coming soon.

If you don’t know this Parkour team, you’re going to thank us for introducing you.

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The Best Take Flight® Photos (Week #1)

Every single day, we post amazing Parkour photographs on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Unfortunately our best photos get lost in the web of social media feeds, and even our most loyal fans don’t always see them all. So we thought we’d start a weekly blog post that features the best Take Flight® photos of the week.

Here they are – the best Take Flight® photos from week 1.

Ann Grjukach in the Ukraine. Decked out in Take Flight gear.
Charles Brunet takes flight in France while wearing TF.
Parkour Hits the Road! Take Flight during the day to earn your rest.
Erik Krasovskis goes for a precision in England while wearing our Parkour Cutter Tee. Watch those toes. They hold the key.
Marc “Defo” Torres lands a precision in Spain. Wearing the 1.0s – the best gripping shoes in the Parkour world.
What moves you? Danee Marmolejo in Mexico wearing the Flight Man Snapback.

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Reject Pairs!! Save 30% On The New Take Flight 1.0s!

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes launched 2 weeks ago and Traceurs everywhere are raving about them. Amidst the satisfaction of Traceurs worldwide, some are even calling them “the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn,” and “my dream shoes.”

Regular price on the 1.0s is $85 and they are worth every penny. But if you want to save an extra $25 (30%) then we have a special deal for you. You can pick up a reject pair for only $59.95.


Every pair of shoes we made is fantastic (we already check them all). But when we ship a pair of shoes, we inspect them again and pull out anything we don’t think is absolutely, absolutely perfect. As can be expected, we’ve found a few pairs (our standards are really high). The flaws we’ve found are usually minuscule such as a glue spots, a dot on the Flight Man logo, or a slight discoloration on part of the shoe. The truth of the matter is that after you wear the shoes for a week they will have more markings and deviations then these pairs have. And yet, we don’t like shipping shoes that aren’t than perfect. So we are classifying them as rejects and giving you the chance to get them for 30% OFF.

Reject 1.0s are now available for purchase on the site, and again they are only $59.95. If you plan to train hard in your 1.0s then this really is the best deal you’re going to find on them. Pick up your pair today and see how they change their world.


Find Out Who Won the Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes!

We have two overdue winners to announce from our Take Flight 1.0 giveaway contests. We thought we’d announce them in an article, and here they are.

The winners of the Take Flight 1.0s are…

  • Billy Navarrette
  • Angus Gordon

Congratulations, guys!! Send us an email at to claim your shoes. We’ll have a few questions for to confirm your identity, and then we’ll send them out!

Thank you everyone for entering via your shares and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Pick up your pair of 1.0s today and get FREE international shipping! Just use the code “TF1.0” at checkout!



CLICK HERE to find out more about the Take Flight vision to support Parkour, Traceurs, and communities everywhere!



The Take Flight 1.0 Shoe Has Launched! (11 BEST PHOTOS)

Almost two years in the making and designed to be the greatest Parkour shoe on the planet. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe has launched!!

Below are some of our favorite photos of the shoe. We look forward to seeing what photos you take 🙂

The Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe breathes fire.
The world’s best Parkour shoe made by The Official Clothing of Parkour. It’s the perfect combo.
The shoe is NOT two days away. It’s here! But we loved this photo nonetheless 🙂
Made for the demands of concrete. You won’t want to trace in any other shoe after you try the 1.0.
A pure Parkour shoe made with a pure heart for Parkour.
Finally a show that will take you anywhere. Take Flight.
The best rail grip on any shoe you’ve ever worn – guaranteed.
The 1.0s shot fireworks for the 4th of July. They are patriotic like that 🙂
Ready for Hollywood – that’s what you’ll feel like when you wear the 1.0s.
No more excuses. A shoe for Traceurs. Train Hard.
If the 1.0s inspire you to follow your dreams, then we’ve done out job. Jump. Fly. Dream.

Pick up your pair of Take Flight 1.0s and take your training to the next level. Click here to get yours!



CLICK HERE to find out more about the Take Flight vision to support Parkour, Traceurs, and communities everywhere!