FREE Stuff For Cyber Monday!! 1 Day Only!!!

Cyber Monday is here! In honor of the tradition, and in gratitude of all of you guys, we have our absolute best deals of the whole year! Here are few deals for you to choose from including two deals with FREE stuff!*

FREE worldwide shipping on the new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes! Use code “UltraCyberat checkout for FREE shipping!




Get 30% OFF our hoodies such as this one – our ultra comfortable Parkour Striped Hoodie which is only $32!


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Tanks are on crazy sale! You don’t even need a coupon!


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Every order gets a FREE Find Your Style Wristband!*



*Coupon codes cannot be combined

**Free wristbands are only included for orders placed on November 28, 2016. However, if you write us an email and ask for one, then we’ll give it to you, too ūüôā

Black Friday Parkour Sale!!

The day after Thanksgiving is here! And that means it’s Black Friday which means we have some amazing deals¬†for you!¬†To make things simple, these deals WILL last through Monday. BUT they are limited by inventory, so please don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

Click any of the images below to be taken to the corresponding page and get your Parkour gear at an amazing price!

Click here to get your 1.0s for $55! First 20 pairs ONLY!!!
Click here to get an awesome Parkour tank for just $12.
Click here to get your snapback for $15! Hurry, only while supplies last!

The NO LIMITS $10 Parkour Tee Sale For Memorial Day Weekend!

The Memorial Day weekend is here, and in addition to using it to honor those who fought and died in military service, we’ve decided to honor you guys with a NO LIMITS $10 Parkour Tee Sale! It’s just like it sounds – virtually all of our Parkour tees are $10! … and there are no limits and no minimums so you can get as many tees as you want!

The sale only lasts through Monday, so click here to shop now before the sale ends!

Click here to shop now! No limits or minimums! Get as many tees as you want!!

Wishing you a great Memorial Day weekend!


Win A Pair Of Our New Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes!

Do you want to win a pair of our new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes? You can in less than 30 seconds! Simply send us an email to with the email title “Ultra Survey.” In the email, answer the following 4 questions.

#1. Do you do Parkour and/or Freerunning?
#2. What size shoe do you wear?
#3. Which color shoe would you rather have: our Flame Red Ultras or Shock Blue Ultras?
#4. Have you already pre-ordered your pair of Ultras?

That’s all you have to do! We will select 3 winners are random and send them a free pair of Ultra shoes when they launch¬†this August – free shipping is included! Winners will be announced the week of May 23rd.

Thank you for entering our contest and good luck!

Order your Ultras today and save 30%!! Click here!

We Will Pay YOU To Talk About the Ultra Parkour Shoe!!

We are a company for the Parkour community and by the Parkour community, and because of this we have found a way to use our new shoe (The Take Flight Ultra) to support YOU financially. Through our new program, we will literally pay you money for telling your friends and social following about our new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoe! For every pair we sell thanks to you, we will pay you as much as $20!


Signing Up

Signing up for our Ultra Affiliate program is FREE and only takes about 2 minutes. There are three steps you need to do to sign up:

#1. Send us an email to Title the email ‚ÄúUltra Affiliate‚ÄĚ and include in the email your‚Ķ

  • Full Name
  • City, State, Country
  • Email Address

#2. In your email, also include a unique code that you have thought of. The code needs to be letters and numbers only and it must be unique. People will need to use this code to connect their purchase to you, so we recommend making it relate to you and the Ultra shoe.

Example codes: 503ULTRA, RogerULTRA, UltraKansas.

If you do not want to choose a code, let us know, and we can choose one for you.

#3. We will respond to your email confirming your acceptance to our program, and we will provide you with imagery and links that you can use on your social media to talk about the Ultra. From there, all you have to do is talk about the Ultra shoe and share images and links on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When people purchase the shoe, you get paid!

Payment Details & Specifics

Every time someone shops at our website, they have the chance to enter a coupon code at checkout. This is where your unique code comes in.¬†For every person that purchases a pair of our Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes from our website with YOUR unique code, we will give you $20!¬†And for every person who purchases a pair of shoes through our Indiegogo campaign and mentions you as their referral, we will give you $10. It’s that easy!

There Are No Limits To How Much You Can Get Paid & No Minimums!

There are no limits to how much money you can make from us and no minimums either. If you have a large following and 100 people buy the Ultra shoe through our website because of you, then we will pay you $2,000. If you are a prominent athlete or brand and 1,000 buy the shoe because of you, then we will pay you $20,000. If only one person buys the Ultra shoe because of you, then we will pay you $20.

This Ultra Affiliate program is our way of empowering the Parkour community and opening the door to anyone who wants to be a part of our company to benefit regardless of age, location, or work experience. We want to empower people to grow, and give everyone (especially Traceurs) the chance to benefit from us, and this is one way we are doing that.

Exclusions and Restrictions

  • Promotion cannot be used on your own purchase or for anyone within your immediate family.
  • No employees¬†or owners of Take Flight are eligible for the program.
  • Codes cannot be changed once assigned
  • For website purchases, customer must enter their coupon code at time of purchase for payment to be made. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • If a customer purchases through our¬†Indiegogo¬†campaign, then they must mention your name as their referrer at the time they choose their shoe size and color. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • The only Indiegogo levels that are eligible for the promotion are Early Bird, Level 4, and Level 6.
  • You must have a PayPal account to receive funds. When transferring funds, we will not pay transaction or exchange fees.
  • Promotion only good through the end of June 2016. If we extend the program then we will update this article with an addition.
  • Expected date of payment disbursement to be August 2016.
  • By participating in this program you agree to work on commission basis. You will not be considered an employee or affiliate or any kind.
Launching this August for the entire Parkour & Freerunning world!

25% OFF For David Belle’s Birthday Sale!!

Today is the birthday of the founder of Parkour, David Belle! (April 29th!) So in honor of him* we are having a 25% OFF sale¬†in our online store! All you have to do to save is use the coupon code “BELLE25” at checkout and you’ll save!

Click here to begin shopping! This deal only last through the weekend so hurry!

Click here to start shopping and save 25%!! This weekend only!

…and in case you didn’t know, David Belle turns 43 today and he can still throw it down.

Happy Birthday David!

You can follow Belle on Facebook through his official page here.


*David Belle does not support or endorse Take Flight or this sale in any way. It’s simply a sale for the Parkour community we are doing in honor of him.

Huge Sale!! Parkour Clearance Up To 60% OFF!!

We’ve decided to close out a few of our Parkour tees, pants, shorts, hoodies and other gear. The result is up to 60% OFF for you!! Check out some of the items below and click here to browse all our Parkour clothing and gear on sale!


This is the best hoodie you will ever buy for $28! It is amazing!
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Click here and pick up yours before they’re gone!

Hurry and pick up your gear today! These items will only be on clearance until they are gone! Click here to shop now and get your Parkour apparel and shoes at an amazing price.


Will You Become 1 of The Take Flight 300?

We are looking for 300 committed passionate Take Flight followers that want to be a part of our new Ultra shoe and The Take Flight 300. The Take Flight 300 is an exclusive invite-only, insider group that you can only gain access to through our Ultra shoe campaign. Here is the backstory and how you can join.

We have recently launched a campaign to release our new Parkour & Freerunning shoes – the Take Flight Ultras. You can see the campaign by clicking here.¬†Via the campaign it says we need $40,000 to launch the shoe which we do. But with other orders and contributions that aren’t shown, all we need now is 300 shoe pledges. Only 300!¬†So in order to give you even more incentive to pledge, we’ve decided to create an exclusive group called the Take Flight 300, and if you are one of the first 300 people to pledge for the shoe, you become a part of the group.

Here is what you’ll get by being a member of the Take Flight 300:

  • First off, you’ll save 30% on the Take Flight Ultras and receive your pair for $69! (or less if you pledge for 2 pairs)
  • You lock in this Ultra shoe price forever. So for the future of this shoe you can buy as many pairs as you want for $69! Wear the shoe out? Come back in a year and buy it again for the same exclusive price.
  • You lock in this price for ALL of our shoes, current and future. The 1.0 which costs $85 right now? Once a member in our group, you can get this for $69, too. And the upcoming Take Flight Elite shoes? Also only $69 for you.
  • You get a two year 25% OFF coupon good for any purchase in our online store. That means anything!
  • Free giveaways and promotions. Did you know we make socks? They aren’t online, but all members of this group get a FREE pair along with their Ultra shoes. And we’ll be having more giveaways, samples, and other promotions exclusive for this group.
  • You get a private invitation to our new social media group “The Take Flight 300.” In this group you will get exclusive news and access to upcoming projects and designs. In this group, you’ll also become a part of our design process, and we’ll ask your input on what we make. You can even create and suggest designs for us and submit them directly to our design team for consideration.
  • Direct access to Take Flight pros who are also a part of the group. You can ask them questions, ask for advice, and communicate with them directly through the page.
  • In addition to all this, you’ll receive ongoing updates and promotions of all types from us, designed exclusively for you.

To us, the Take Flight 300 is a new concept based on establishing a core team of Take Flight faithfuls. That means, everyone in this group is considered a part of our core. We’re dedicated to you, supporting you, and growing Take Flight together.

Click here and pledge to become part of the Take Flight 300!

In case you haven’t seen it, here is the Ultra shoe. If you click here and pledge for a pair then you’re immediately invited to join the Take Flight 300. BUT this is only available for the first 300 pledgers. So click today and support the shoe and join our team!

Pledge for this shoe and become part of the Take Flight 300