Late For The WEDDING?! ūüė≤

Have you ever been late for something and had to run to get there in time? What about your own wedding?! In our newest video, Take Flight pro Rabotenko Valentin is late, and the bride is not happy. But he is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes so he takes off running. Click below to watch and see if he makes it in time and how the bride responds when he gets there.

In this video, Valentin is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes. We only have 3 sizes available in those (the rest have sold out). However, our newest Parkour & Freerunning shoes, the Stealth Ultra, are better than ever. We took everything we learned from the 1.0s and the Ultras to make a shoe that you will love. Click below to check them out.

Where are my shoes?! ūüė©

People keep asking us about our Stealth Ultra shoes! “Where are they?” people keep saying. We’ve posted the answer in our social media, but perhaps we haven’t made it clear enough in our emails. That’s what this email is for.

The Stealth Ultras (shown below) are our new Parkour and Freerunning shoes, and for months we have been announcing¬†them “scheduled to ship worldwide on June 28th.” However, we missed this date big time.¬†Production took us waaaay longer than expected with multiple delays taking place all because of our heightened focus on quality. We came across multiple decisions that delayed our production such as improving materials and rejecting shoes that didn’t meet our quality standards. Even scheduling factory time was a tricky aspect because we chose a more reputable factory (with less availability) over a less reputable¬†factory (that was immediately available to produce).

Every time we came across a difficult decision we had the same question: do we press through this issue in order to make sure the shoes ship on June 28th? Or do we take extra time to make sure the shoes¬†exceed expectations.” We’ve chosen “exceed expectations” every time.

As a result, the Stealth Ultras are now set to ship on August 15th… we think!¬†It could even be a week after that¬† We are in the final stretch with most of the shoes already made. However, since we don’t own the factory, we are subject to their availability, and the last pairs are in limbo for a final few¬†days.

A 4-month project to relaunch the Ultras has turned into a full year project of making a new shoe from the ground up. The result is a shoe that we think will blow you away. It has taken us way longer than expected, but we think it will be worth the wait because these shoes are something special.

We stand behind our products 100% knowing that sometimes that focus leads us to sacrifice timeliness for quality. For better or for worse (and we think better) that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Stealth Ultras. Thank you for your trust, patience, and loyalty throughout this time

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100% Take Flight!!

HUGE NEWS!! We have just officially launched 2 products that make Take Flight a top-to-bottom clothing and shoe company. What this means is you NEVER have to leave your house again wearing anything other than Take Flight.

The two products are compression shorts and socks!

Compression Shorts and Socks are here! Click this image to pick up yours!

With this launch, we at Take Flight now produce enough different products to clothe you from head to toe. These include:

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Thank you for being a Take Flight follower and helping us reach this amazing milestone!


Who Won The Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes?

A couple weeks ago we gave YOU a chance to win a pair of our new Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes which launch this August! Actually, we gave you 3 chances! All you had to do was respond to our survey. Today we took all the responses, chose 3 people at random, and here are the winners:

  • Steve Dahlin
  • @james_w_2016
  • @jaker_tj96

If you won, please write us at We will ask for verification of your identity, and then we will put you down for your pair!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the survey!


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Don’t have your pair yet? Click here to pre-order and save 30%!

The Ultras are almost here. If you don’t have your pair yet, click here to order your pair for $69. You’ll save 30%!!

The Ultras Are Set. Launching August 2016.

The Take Flight Ultra is now available for pre-order online at! Order today and you’ll save 30% by getting your pair for only $69!

For the casual Traceur and Take Flight fan, this is an announcement for the Ultra shoe which you can now order on our website! We recommend ordering your pair ASAP because the price will steadily get higher and higher as we approach the launch date in August. You are going to love the shoe! It comes with our 100% Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee so if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. You win no matter what ūüôā

Click to order your pair for $69 and save 30%!!

If you’re a Take Flight faithful, we have a bit more information for you. As you probably know, we recently produced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Ultra shoe. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach our funding need. As disappointing as this was, what we realized is unlike most brands in the Parkour world, we aren’t a brand that waits. We believe in what we are doing, we believe in our products, we believe in who we are, and we move ahead with that conviction. It’s just like the movement in Parkour. You know and you advance. That’s why Take Flight is here today, and that’s one of things that separates us from other Parkour brands.

With this is mind, after the failed Kickstarter campaign we reorganized some things and found a way to launch the shoe anyway. We had to push back the launch date, but other than that everything is exactly the same! Now the Ultra will officially launch in August – no ifs or maybes. August is the time. That’s why anyone worldwide can now order the Ultra through our website.

Are you excited? We are. And most importantly, we’re confident. Just like a Traceur who knows what he can do and does it, that’s who we are and that’s the story of the Ultra. It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, we are Traceurs.

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Pre-Order Your Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes for $65!

The Ultra Shoes are fully developed and ready for production! We think you are absolutely going to LOVE these shoes, and we stand behind that claim with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In order to launch these shoes, we have to get our campaign funded. So if you like the look of these or if you just want to support a great Parkour initiative, head on over the our Kickstarter campaign and order your pair of shoes! They are only $69 for one pair and $65 each if you purchase two.

Click this image to order your pair of Take Flight Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes!

Our campaign runs until March 20th. Every pledge counts. Thank you for believing in us and the shoe and helping us make this a reality!

Click the image below to watch our video explaining the shoes!

Win A FREE Pair of the New Take Flight ULTRA Parkour/Freerunning Shoes!!

We are giving everyone with an Instagram the chance to win a pair of our new Take Flight Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes! All you have to do is help us spread the word about the shoe. It takes about 30 seconds to enter. Here’s how:

  • Step #1: Save one of the images below to your mobile device.
  • Step #2: Post the image on Instagram and tag @tkflt in the description and photo.
  • Step #3: Say something positive about the shoes, and encourage people to go to to check them out!

That’s it! When we reach our funding goal, we will give away 5 pairs of Ultra shoes to those who enter!¬†We are so excited about this shoe and we cannot wait for you to wear it. Thank you for helping us spread the word!!

Save this image and post it on Instagram to be entered to win a pair of Ultra Parkour shoes!!!
Save this image and post it on Instagram to be entered to win a pair of Ultra Parkour shoes!!!
Save this image and post it on Instagram to be entered to win a pair of Ultra Parkour shoes!!!
Save this image and post it on Instagram to be entered to win a pair of Ultra Parkour shoes!!!

Just save one of the above photos and post it on your Instagram to enter to win a pair of these shoes!!

Click here to find our more about this shoe:


The World’s Newest Parkour Shoe – The Take Flight Ultra!!

In response to the success of the Take Flight 1.0, we embarked on a mission to design a new shoe for the Parkour world. We wanted to improve upon the 1.0 while also creating something that appealed to a different style. After more than a year in development, the final result is the Take Flight Ultra.

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We have made the shoe in 3 amazing colors to fit your style! To find out more, see videos of our pros wearing the shoe, and to save 30% by picking up a pair for only $65 then please click here!

Click here to pick up your pair for $65 and save 30%!!

Click here to pick up your pair for $65 and save 30%!!

The Take Flight Ultra in Flame Red! Just one of our 3 brilliant colors!

NEW PARKOUR SHOE! Unveiling of the Take Flight Elites!

We are proud to bring you the first look at the world’s next Parkour shoe. It’s out brand new Take Flight Elite.

Our next Parkour shoe – the Take Flight Elites. Launching in January 2016.

Designed to run like the Take Flight 1.0s, the Elites will be really similar except they are more durable, they have a better toe design, and they’re just cooler. Expected launch is January 2016, so stay tuned for news on how to reserve your pair at

The Future of Parkour Shoe Grip Design

In April we unveiled the new Take Flight shoes (set to be released in January 2016). This month we are unveiling the shoes tread design. Check it out.

Click to see our current Take Flight 1.0!

We designed this tread to be both awesome looking and, most importantly, awesome performing. We have a virtually flat bottom made for optimal gripping and control. We have specified grooves for added grip in tac and landing specific areas.

Once you put on a pair of the Take Flight Elites, we are confident you’ll consider them some of the best Parkour shoes ever made. Stay tuned for updates about launching and pre-order news!

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