Is Back!

parkour-dot-com-cover-image is back, and at Take Flight we are pleased to be one of the first to announce the news! A few details you should know about the site:

#1. I, Adam Dunlap, am managing the site’s development. I am the founder and President of Take Flight, however, I will not be running or developing with a focus on the Take Flight brand. For now, Take Flight simply serves as a financial partner for, and they are providing a good marketing boost through their networks to get the site off the ground.

#2. The vision for the site is to bring the Parkour world together in one unbiased place that represents Traceurs, teams, Parkour communities, and training styles from all around the world. We want Traceurs everywhere to feel a part of the site, to feel represented, and find value in the article writing, video creation, and other aspects we plan to bring to it. You can see this neutral and all-supportive vision already reflected by who is following on Facebook and Instagram.

#3. Invites to be a part of the site have already been sent to all major teams and organizations in the Parkour world. I actually did this myself so there would be no confusion about the foundation and vision of the site. If I didn’t send you an invite (I’m sure I missed a lot of people) we’d love to have you on board.

#4. To support the site, we are only asking two small things: like the social media pages and share them with your audience and friends!


As the manager of Take Flight, I can take a step out of my for a second, and speak for Take Flight by saying, we are proud to do our small part to support and the future of a collective, unified Parkour world. As the manager of, I can say I hope that all Traceurs and teams from around the world come on board to support and expand this initiative.

Thank you for reading this article and supporting Stay tuned for more news about the site, and also, please click the link below to follow, and share these pages to help spread the word!

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The Best Take Flight® Photos (Week #1)

Every single day, we post amazing Parkour photographs on our Facebook page and Instagram account. Unfortunately our best photos get lost in the web of social media feeds, and even our most loyal fans don’t always see them all. So we thought we’d start a weekly blog post that features the best Take Flight® photos of the week.

Here they are – the best Take Flight® photos from week 1.

Ann Grjukach in the Ukraine. Decked out in Take Flight gear.
Charles Brunet takes flight in France while wearing TF.
Parkour Hits the Road! Take Flight during the day to earn your rest.
Erik Krasovskis goes for a precision in England while wearing our Parkour Cutter Tee. Watch those toes. They hold the key.
Marc “Defo” Torres lands a precision in Spain. Wearing the 1.0s – the best gripping shoes in the Parkour world.
What moves you? Danee Marmolejo in Mexico wearing the Flight Man Snapback.

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