18 Months In Development Has Paid Off…

It took us almost 2 years, and today it came to fruition. Our Parkour backpacks are officially here! Complete with 8 different styles, we’ve designed these backpacks to accompany you while you train, travel, and live life. They are also great for school 🙂 Like all our products we back these with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can order yours with confidence knowing you’ll love it.

Here are some photos showing a few of our new backpacks. Click here to see the entire collection!

parkour-backpacks-take-flight (1)


parkour-backpacks-take-flight (2)

parkour-backpacks-take-flight (3)

parkour_backpacks_take_flight_run_freeparkour-backpacks-take-flight (4)

Thank you for your support and passion through the years that has helped make this happen!! You can see our whole collection at ParkourBackpacks.com and pick up yours there or at a local Auchan France store near you!


100% Take Flight!!

HUGE NEWS!! We have just officially launched 2 products that make Take Flight a top-to-bottom clothing and shoe company. What this means is you NEVER have to leave your house again wearing anything other than Take Flight.

The two products are compression shorts and socks!

Compression Shorts and Socks are here! Click this image to pick up yours!

With this launch, we at Take Flight now produce enough different products to clothe you from head to toe. These include:

Click here to pick up your Take Flight Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoes!

Thank you for being a Take Flight follower and helping us reach this amazing milestone!


Parkour Fanny Packs by Take Flight®

**This was an April Fools’ joke. We hope if made you smile :)**

We are thrilled to announce our newest Parkour specific product! We took your input and all the critiques we received on our new backpacks and made something perfect for tracing. It’s our all new Parkour Fanny Pack!

In this video, Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap, introduces the Parkour Fanny Pack. He also shows how much money you can put into it, and he gives credit to a few great Traceurs for supporting the project. Stay til the end to see him demo it in amazing fashion!

Click here to see the video announcement!

We think you are going to love the new Parkour Fanny Pack. We are making it in 3 awesome colors and satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here to pick up your Parkour Fanny Pack today for only $19.95!

Click here to pick up yours!!

The Ultras Are Set. Launching August 2016.

The Take Flight Ultra is now available for pre-order online at www.TKFLT.com! Order today and you’ll save 30% by getting your pair for only $69!

For the casual Traceur and Take Flight fan, this is an announcement for the Ultra shoe which you can now order on our website! We recommend ordering your pair ASAP because the price will steadily get higher and higher as we approach the launch date in August. You are going to love the shoe! It comes with our 100% Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee so if you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back. You win no matter what 🙂

Click to order your pair for $69 and save 30%!!

If you’re a Take Flight faithful, we have a bit more information for you. As you probably know, we recently produced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Ultra shoe. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach our funding need. As disappointing as this was, what we realized is unlike most brands in the Parkour world, we aren’t a brand that waits. We believe in what we are doing, we believe in our products, we believe in who we are, and we move ahead with that conviction. It’s just like the movement in Parkour. You know and you advance. That’s why Take Flight is here today, and that’s one of things that separates us from other Parkour brands.

With this is mind, after the failed Kickstarter campaign we reorganized some things and found a way to launch the shoe anyway. We had to push back the launch date, but other than that everything is exactly the same! Now the Ultra will officially launch in August – no ifs or maybes. August is the time. That’s why anyone worldwide can now order the Ultra through our website.

Are you excited? We are. And most importantly, we’re confident. Just like a Traceur who knows what he can do and does it, that’s who we are and that’s the story of the Ultra. It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, we are Traceurs.

Click here to order your pair for $69 and save 30%!!

We Are Launching Backpacks!

We are very pleased to announce our new line of backpacks!! We are producing them in association with La Plume Dorée, and we will be launching them in 2016 at TKFLT.com and stores around the world.

Here is our first promo video showing 1 of 15 new packs. In this video, Take Flight Traceur Emiliano Perez from Mexico shows off the “Run Free Classic” bag. Emiliano is also wearing our Take Flight 1.0 shoes and TKFLT Long Sleeve all of which are available in our online store.

Check out La Plume Dorée here: http://www.laplumedoree.com

Stay tuned for news and photo about the bags, and to see all the styles soon to be available!


Take Flight Backpacks are launching in 2016. Proudly made in association with La Plume Doree.

Our Best Hoodies Ever… By Far!

Earlier today we released 3 new hoodies styles that daunt our previous releases. They are by far our best hooides ever. In fact, these are so good we’re almost inclined to call them the best Parkour hoodies in the world. That’s a big claim, but take our word for it – they turned out even better than we hoped and you are going to love them.

The three new hoodies are:

  • Youth Camo Hoodie – a 100% polyester hoodie that is full of style and feels amazing. For kids ages 6 to 12.
  • Striped Pullover Hoodie – a 65%/35% cotton/polyester heavyweight blended hoodie that is quality and durable. You will love it!
  • Camo Performance Hoodie – a 100% polyester hoodie with an edge of flair. It is so comfortable it will feel like we made it custom for you.

A picture is worth 1,000 words so here are 3 of them.



So there you have it – 9 new hoodies to keep you warm and in style. Don’t forget that we guarantee all our products 100%. We promise you’ll love it or we’ll give you your money back. Click here to get your hoodie and Take Flight.


Who Launches Shorts In The Fall? We Do. We’re Unconventional.

Shorts are great year round! They are great for training, for living in warmer climates, and just hanging out at home! For some reason, though, we’ve never seen a company launch shorts in the fall. Well, we’re unconventional, so we decided to do it by launching our brand new Honeycomb Training Shorts! Features include:

  • Made of 100% Durable Cotton (similar to our classic sweatpants)
  • Elastic Waistband & Drawstring
  • Front & Back Zipper Pockets
  • Extra Baggy

We’ve been working hard to take our quality to the next level, and this pair of Parkour Shorts is our newest example. These shorts are $25 in our online store. You can pick up a pair and browse our other items at www.TKFLT.com

Click here to pick up your pair of training shorts for only $25! We guarantee you’ll love them or your money back.

NEW PARKOUR SHOE! Unveiling of the Take Flight Elites!

We are proud to bring you the first look at the world’s next Parkour shoe. It’s out brand new Take Flight Elite.

Our next Parkour shoe – the Take Flight Elites. Launching in January 2016.

Designed to run like the Take Flight 1.0s, the Elites will be really similar except they are more durable, they have a better toe design, and they’re just cooler. Expected launch is January 2016, so stay tuned for news on how to reserve your pair at www.TKFLT.com

The Universe is Always Expanding

Inspired from the success of the Flight Man Stardust Snapback (which sold out in 5 days – but it’s now back), we’ve launched three new Stardust versions. They are:

We’re pretty sure these are the best snapbacks in the Universe 😉

Click this image to pick up your Universe Snapback for only $22!!

Pick up yours today for only $22! We don’t expect them to stay in our store long.

The original STARDUST hat. It sold out in 5 days, but we have it back. Click here to get yours.


We. Have. Shorts!!!

It’s official. July 3rd, 2015 is the day that we have launched our first pair of shorts!! And not only do they feel amazing, they only cost $18 on super summer sale.

  • Features: Elastic waistband, drawstring, and pockets
  • Fit Waists as Small as 24″ and as large as 42″
  • Made of 100% micro mesh polyester
  • Light and durable. Amazing for training. Awesome for casual wear.
We guarantee you’ll love these or we’ll give you your money back!

We are convinced that you’ll love these shorts! If you don’t, then let us know and we’ll give you your money back. It’s all part of our Take Flight Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Train hard. Stay cool.