Win $100!! Summer T-Shirt Design Contest!!

Our summer tee design contest is here! And you could win $100!!

The concept is simple. Design a t-shirt for us, and submit it in our contest. If you tee wins, we will produce it AND give you $100!!

Contest Details

  1. Design a cool Parkour t-shirt design that you want to wear!
  2. You can use Photoshop,, or any design program. You can even draw it by hand!
  3. Make sure the design has 3 colors or less.
  4. Make sure the design includes the Flight Man logo or the name “Take Flight” or “Run Free” (see below for logo files)
  5. Put the design on a tee (see below for those)
  6. Send us your design at!
  7. All submissions must be received by June 20th to be eligible. You can submit as many designs as you want 🙂

CLICK HERE to download our Flight Man logo files!

CLICK HERE to download blank t-shirt mock-ups for your designs!

We are selecting up to 4 winners! Winners get $100 cash + the tee they designed when we make it!

Good luck, and we look forward to your entries!!

P.S. Here are some past Take Flight tees for inspiration 🙂

Click here to see all our tees!!


Starting today and spanning the next 36 hours we are releasing 10 new designs for fan voting. And the twist is, we are going to let you guys decide which ones you want us to make! All you have to do is vote!

You can cast your votes via Facebook through Likes, Comments, and Shares. You can also cast your votes on our Instagram via Likes and Comments. Ultimately we will tally up all the votes and produce what you guys love the most.

Here are a few or our designs to give you a feel of what we’ve created. Go to our Facebook and Instagram to see all 10 products and cast your official votes!

The Flying Builds Character Tee. Click here to cast your vote for this tee!
The Take Flight Ultra Hoodie. Click here to cast your vote for this hoodie!
The Parkour Reaction Tee. Click here to cast your vote for this tee!
The Warrior Spririt Hoodie. Click here to cast your vote for this hoodie!

Thank you for casting your votes and being a part of what makes Take Flight so unique in the world of clothing and Parkour!


New Jump Fly Dream Tee!

We just launched a brand new tee! It’s the culmination of our Jump Fly Dream Design contest the winner of which was selected by you guys! It’s our new Jump Fly Dream Tee.

Our world famous slogan Jump. Fly. Dream.(TM)  is now boldly and elegantly displayed on a tee. It’ll fit your urban Traceur style while keeping you looking cool and refined. We’re making it in Royal Blue and Purple, and best of all the tee is only $16 for a limited time!

Our newest tee is here! And you can pick one up for only $16! Click here to get yours!

Special thanks to Dakota Lee who is the fan designer behind this tee! We tweaked his concept, and finalized the design you can see above. For his efforts we’ll be sending him 4 JFD Tees for free plus a 1st place contest prize of $75.

This tee is limited edition so don’t delay in picking up yours!

Take Flight.

Jump Fly Dream Tee Design Contest Winners!

The Jump Fly Dream Tee Design contest was a huge success with a ton of amazing tee design entries from you guys! It was hard deciding the winner and the four runner ups, but we’ve finally arrived at a decision and we present the contest results to you here:

Note: these runner ups were selected separately from our final round of voting. Some of the entered designs were amazing but didn’t quite fit our brand style. For that reason, although they weren’t ultimately considered for the winning entry, we did feel they deserved runner-up status.

#4 Runner Up – Niyash Nizar

niyash_ nizar_jump_fly_dream_take_flight_parkour_tee_design_contest

#3 Runner Up – Stephen Lanteri


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500 Pair Parkour Shoe Giveaway!! Contingent on a [DUNLAP] WSOP Champion.

Our plan is to giveaway 500 PAIRS of the new Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe! But something has to happen first: Guy Dunlap has to win the World Series of Poker Main Event.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event begins today. What is the first place prize, you ask? About $8,500,000. Why is this significant, you ask? Because Guy Dunlap, the brother of Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap, is playing in the tournament. Also, just so you know, Guy is a professional poker player so he knows what he’s doing.

If Guy wins, Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap has pledged to give away 500 pairs of the up and coming Take Flight 1.0 Parkour shoe! And he has pledged to give them all away to, well who else? The Take Flight fans.

All you have to do to claim your FREE pair is comment on our “Good Luck Guy” posts in Facebook and wish Guy  the best in the tournament. If there are more than 500 commenters then we’ll draw for the 500 out of those who comment. This is all of course assuming Guy wins.

Regardless of the outcome of the WSOP Main Event, we are planning to unveil our Take Flight 1.0 Parkour shoe to the public on September 15th.

Follow this link to find out more information about the WSOP and stayed tuned to our page for daily updates on Guy’s progress. Good luck Guy, and good luck to all of you!!

Take Flight Founder Adam Dunlap (shown left) with his brother and Las Vegas Poker Pro Guy Dunlap (shown right)

**If you made it this far, leave us a comment! We love hearing from you! And just enter some spam email address. We don’t mind. We don’t track the addresses or use them so you have nothing to worry about :-)**


End of the World Design Contest – William Zhuang Winner!!

We held an End of the World Design Contest. The mission was simple: find the Flight Man in the Maya Calendar, or incorporate him into it.

So, so, so many great entries were made that we couldn’t decide who the winner was! So we posted the top five on Facebook and let the fans decide. A clear winner emerged, and it was William Zhuang.

Below is William Zhang’s winning Maya Calendar. Let’s just say that according to Flight Man was really good friends with the Mayans 🙂 Or as one fan put it, “The Flight Man saved the world!!”

William Zhuang - The Flight Man Saved the World
This was William Zhuang’s winning entry for the Flight Man End of the World Design Contest. The Mayan’s knew what they were doing 🙂

William won a Parkour Hoodie for his winning entry. Thank you William and to all the other entries in the contest!!

End of the World Flight Man Design Contest!!

We’ve decided to hold a little design contest to celebrate the end of the world. The winner gets a Parkour Hoodie of their choice! Here are the details:

  • Today is the long awaited “End of the World” 21st of December. This date is based on the Mayan calendar (example picture below)
  • We are challenging you to integrate the Flight Man into the Mayan calendar Or as we say, “find the Flight Man in the Mayan calendar.” We’re pretty sure he is there if you look 🙂
  • Find a photo/image of the Mayan calendar and use that as a base to edit in/design in/photoshop in the Flight Man. Any image of the Mayan Calendar will work as a base, but we recommend something professional and clear. We want it to look real! The image below is a good example.
  • Post your finished design on our Facebook wall!!
  • Deadline is December 28th! We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook on the 29th.

Flight Man Logo can be downloaded here: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FLIGHT MAN LOGO

How big is the Flight Man? What color is he? Where is he on the calendar? That’s all up to you and what you see.

Good luck to all and happy December 21st!

This is one photo of a Maya Calendar. Edit away and incorporate the Flight Man or or find another picture and go from there. A Parkour Hoodie of your choice is up for grabs so this one is worth taking a bit of time on 🙂


Take Flight Pumpkin Carving Contest!! Win Gift Cards!!

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is approaching and that means the Take Flight Pumpkin Carving Contest is here! Inspired by the first fan pumpkin submission in 2010, every year for Halloween we now have a TF pumpkin carving contest, and with this post the 2012 contest is on.

This year it works like this:

*Note: If there are lots of submissions we’ll up the number of gift certificates.

This year is your year! Show your fan support this Halloween by carving a pumpkin and displaying Parkour and Take Flight to your neighborhood. In doing so you’;; not only spread the Parkour love, but you might win some great Parkour gear too. We look forward to seeing what you got 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Parkour for Halloween with Take Flight
Carve a Take Flight pumpkin and win prizes. It’s the best way to celebrate Halloween 🙂

Claiming Your Take Flight Prize!

Multiple times per week we announce giveaways winners on our Facebook page. If you’re reading this it’s probably because you are one of them! So how do you claim your prize, you ask? It’s really simple.

If you have won a Parkour shirt, Parkour pants, a hoodie or any other myriad of prizes then we are awaiting your confirmation. All you have to do to make that confirmation and receive your prize is:

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2012 International Parkour Clothing Launch!!!

Take Flight
Click here to RSVP to the 2012 Parkour Clothing Launch Event

The Parkour event of the summer is here! It’s the 2012 International Parkour Clothing Launch where we are launching the 2012 line plus giving away tons of prizes.

Click here for the official Facebook event!! —>

We’re thrilled about what we have in store for this launch, and you’ll find more information about it at the official Facebook event above. But one exciting thing we’ll tell you is that in addition to lots of prizes, you get to choose the designs we produce this year

This week we will be launching 15 new concepts, we will open the lines for voting, and the top 6 will land in our store. So RSVP to let your voice be heard we’ll let you know when the designs drop!

Good luck in the continuous prize giveaways that will be taking place during the event, and as always thank you for being a part of what we do and the advancements we make for clothing, Parkour, and Traceurs worldwide!