Late For The WEDDING?! 😲

Have you ever been late for something and had to run to get there in time? What about your own wedding?! In our newest video, Take Flight pro Rabotenko Valentin is late, and the bride is not happy. But he is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes so he takes off running. Click below to watch and see if he makes it in time and how the bride responds when he gets there.

In this video, Valentin is wearing our 1.0 Parkour shoes. We only have 3 sizes available in those (the rest have sold out). However, our newest Parkour & Freerunning shoes, the Stealth Ultra, are better than ever. We took everything we learned from the 1.0s and the Ultras to make a shoe that you will love. Click below to check them out.

Where are my shoes?! 😩

People keep asking us about our Stealth Ultra shoes! “Where are they?” people keep saying. We’ve posted the answer in our social media, but perhaps we haven’t made it clear enough in our emails. That’s what this email is for.

The Stealth Ultras (shown below) are our new Parkour and Freerunning shoes, and for months we have been announcing them “scheduled to ship worldwide on June 28th.” However, we missed this date big time. Production took us waaaay longer than expected with multiple delays taking place all because of our heightened focus on quality. We came across multiple decisions that delayed our production such as improving materials and rejecting shoes that didn’t meet our quality standards. Even scheduling factory time was a tricky aspect because we chose a more reputable factory (with less availability) over a less reputable factory (that was immediately available to produce).

Every time we came across a difficult decision we had the same question: do we press through this issue in order to make sure the shoes ship on June 28th? Or do we take extra time to make sure the shoes exceed expectations.” We’ve chosen “exceed expectations” every time.

As a result, the Stealth Ultras are now set to ship on August 15th… we think! It could even be a week after that  We are in the final stretch with most of the shoes already made. However, since we don’t own the factory, we are subject to their availability, and the last pairs are in limbo for a final few days.

A 4-month project to relaunch the Ultras has turned into a full year project of making a new shoe from the ground up. The result is a shoe that we think will blow you away. It has taken us way longer than expected, but we think it will be worth the wait because these shoes are something special.

We stand behind our products 100% knowing that sometimes that focus leads us to sacrifice timeliness for quality. For better or for worse (and we think better) that’s exactly what we’ve done with the Stealth Ultras. Thank you for your trust, patience, and loyalty throughout this time

Click here to pre-order this shoe! Save 35%!!

Our EU Online Store Is Now Open!!

HUGE news for Traceurs worldwide. We JUST launched a new Take Flight webstore specific for the EU!!

In partnership with Parkour Project, located in Czech Republic, we now have shoe storage, warehousing and distribution in Europe! What does that mean? It means that if you are located in the EU, you can now get our Parkour shoes and clothing from the EU which results in:

  • Less taxes
  • Faster shipping
  • Lower shipping costs

There is no question about it, if you are in the EU, this is the online place to get your Parkour shoes, apparel, and gear. Click the image below to visit the store and pick up your Parkour shoes and apparel today!

LIVE Q&A With Adam Dunlap! (David Belle, FIG, and More)

Last week, Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap did a LIVE stream on our Facebook page to address our views on the recent FIG initiatives which have causes endless discussions in the Parkour world. If you didn’t see it, watch it by clicking here.

From this video, many viewers asked questions about David Belle’s support of FIG which was made apparent in social media posts, articles, and online videos from FIG and Mr. Belle Adam spent years working closely with David, and so in response to these questions, he (Adam) agreed to do another LIVE Q&A stream. In it he will answers questions, and in this he will chime in on his view of Mr. Belle’s involvement in FIG. This is something you don’t want to miss. Plus you can ask your questions!!

Click here to watch the LIVE stream Q&A session with Adam Dunlap at 12:05pm PST on our Facebook page!

Win $100!! Summer T-Shirt Design Contest!!

Our summer tee design contest is here! And you could win $100!!

The concept is simple. Design a t-shirt for us, and submit it in our contest. If you tee wins, we will produce it AND give you $100!!

Contest Details

  1. Design a cool Parkour t-shirt design that you want to wear!
  2. You can use Photoshop,, or any design program. You can even draw it by hand!
  3. Make sure the design has 3 colors or less.
  4. Make sure the design includes the Flight Man logo or the name “Take Flight” or “Run Free” (see below for logo files)
  5. Put the design on a tee (see below for those)
  6. Send us your design at!
  7. All submissions must be received by June 20th to be eligible. You can submit as many designs as you want 🙂

CLICK HERE to download our Flight Man logo files!

CLICK HERE to download blank t-shirt mock-ups for your designs!

We are selecting up to 4 winners! Winners get $100 cash + the tee they designed when we make it!

Good luck, and we look forward to your entries!!

P.S. Here are some past Take Flight tees for inspiration 🙂

Click here to see all our tees!!

How to Find Your Path

Parkour is a wonderful journey – you can start anywhere, at any age, and take whatever path you want. But how do you find that path? If you don’t focus on a goal or a certain ideal behind your training, why are you training?

Do you like to fly? Andrey Pishalnikov goes airborne in Mexico in our Train Hard Tank.

You need a purpose – a path, so to speak. Everyone’s path is different. Some people train to find their true potential, some train simply for fun. Some train to meet new and fascinating people, some train to make money. If you find out what you are training for, you will find more purpose in your daily sessions, more attention to detail, and you will progress in your movement.

Is your style the same thing as your path? Not necessarily. The path you take is influenced by the style you prefer. For example, if you prefer big drops and efficient vaults, then your path is probably going to be as an efficient Traceur rather than a free runner who focuses more on flips. In contrast, if you enjoy flipping and twisting through your environment, then you are going to embody that style.

Move without limits? Danee Marmolejo flipping and twisting in Mexico in our ORG PK Tee II.

Essentially, the type of movement you prefer to perform is one of the deciding factor of your path. Parkour and freerunning are more or less just different styles, so in time and through training you will discover which you want, which one works better for you. Don’t force it; it must come naturally or you will be trying to be something you are not, which is a mistake that many people make.

Precision counts, don’t you agree? Carlos Novoa sticks it in our Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes.

The most important part of finding your path is something that you might overlook sometimes: are you having fun? Are you enjoying the path you’ve chosen? If you ever answer “no” to either of those questions, then you are doing something wrong. If that is the case, then change it up. Experiment. Try something new! If you are generally a pure Traceur, then learn some flips. If you have been flipping and twisting, try some efficient moving. You may surprise yourself with what type of movement really resonates with your core.

Ultimately, the path you choose comes down to one thing: what is the most fun for you. After all, if you’re not having fun with your life, why continue with that life? Find your path, and you will be happy and, most importantly, having fun.

Who’s fly? Photo snapped by Mohamed Samy in Yemen. As long as you enjoy your training, the way we look at it, you’re on the right path.


Pierce Rockwell is a guest writer for us at Take Flight. He is a 15 year old freerunner who has been training since 2015. His favorite type of movement is big jumps mixed with flowy lines. He began writing articles a little more than a year ago, and he has written for and Urban Freeflow. He says, “Writing articles has given me a chance to look at the Parkour world through a philosophical perspective, and also allows me to progress in movement in a safe and effective way, something I hope to share with the rest of the community.”

Now Donating 15% of Sales to Parkour Gyms!!

We have just launched a new initiative to combine the power of Take Flight to grow Parkour gyms around the world! The program is simple:

  1. We are issue unique gym-specific coupon codes to Parkour/Freerunning gyms
  2. When you use one of the coupons, we donate 15% of that order to that gym! Plus we give you 5% OFF!

We even produce gym banners and flyers for each gym at no charge so they can display them at the gym!

Use the code “BAM” at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to the BAM Parkour/Freerunning Academy in Austin, Texas!

We already have 7 gyms on board which you can see below:

If you’d like to support these gyms, simply use one of these codes on your next order. Whether you buy our Parkour Shoes, a Parkour T-shirt, Parkour pants, or other Parkour gear/clothing from us, the gym you choose gets the donation. PLUS will also give you a 5% discount just for using the code so everyone wins!!. If you know a Parkour gym who would like to be a part of our program, please share this article with them! We’d love to support them in this way 🙂

At Take Flight, we are community oriented in ways no other Parkour brand is – through profit sharing with our athletes and giving back financially to PKFR gyms, and other initiatives. Thank you for believing in us and helping us support the growing community worldwide.


Use the code “RVPK” at checkout and we will donate 15% of your order to the Revolution Parkour (Gresham) Parkour/Freerunning Academy in Gresham, Oregon!


FREE Return Labels For All USA Orders!!

We are always improving our products and services for you. Our newest roll out is a FREE and easy return policy on all USA orders.

From now on, every order with a USA shipping address comes with a FREE return label. If your shoes and clothing don’t fit, or if you’d like to exchange or return the items for any reason, all you have to do is slap the return label on the package, drop it off at your local post office, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s so easy!! Plus, did we say it already? It’s FREE 🙂

Now we give you a free return label with every USA order!!

This is one more step we’ve made to make buying our Parkour shoes and clothing that much easier.

Need an amazing pair of Parkour/Freerunning shoes? How about our Ultras? They are regularly priced at $95, but we have select sizes for only $69 and that includes shipping!!! Just use the code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout to receive your free shipping option.


Use code “ULTRAFREE” at checkout at get FREE international shipping on our Ultra shoes!



Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Do you want financial freedom? Then we believe being a part of our sponsorship team is the way to get there.

These are the benefits we are now giving to our team of pros. It’s a huge step we are taking to make Take Flight a community owned company.

All of our pros will now receive the following benefits:

  • Annual free shoe/gear stipend
  • Financial bonuses based on success of videos launched on our social media channels.
  • Financial bonuses based on competition placement
  • Profit-sharing. This comes in the end-of-year financial bonus based on company profit for all pros who have been on the team for at least 6 months.
  • Affiliate link so if/when you share our site such as in YouTube videos, you get a kickback from sales generated.
  • Consideration for future endorsement contracts.
  • Consideration for commissioned projects
  • And more!
Click here to read out sponsorship setup and learn how to become a part of our team and reach financial freedom.

Read the full Sponsorship and Ambassador breakdown by clicking here, and if you want to be a part of what we are creating, write us at For now, the process to getting into our team starts at the Ambassador level unless you are a really well known pro. And for those of you that are big names, go ahead and write us. We’d love to hear from you and work out an agreement that puts you on the path to financial freedom just for being a part of our team

Make no mistake, we are here to:

  1. Build the strongest team of Traceurs in the Parkour world.
  2. Make that the team not only reaps the short term benefits of Take Flight’s success, but also effectively become owners of the brand and benefits for decades to come.

Other brands will call you an “Ambassador” with no intention of changing your life. Or they will offer you a short term endorsement with the vision of leveraging you to make money. Take Flight is different.

We are here to make you a part of our brand, and work together to keep you in your bliss and allow you to reach financial freedom just for being a part of what we do. Write us to find out more.