Advice For Building A Parkour Gym [ft. Adam Dunlap]

Here is a snippet from our Parkour Roundabout series. In this clip, Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap, who also founded the Parkour gym Revolution Parkour, talks about the key that made Revolution Parkour successful and how it grew to become one of the biggest Parkour gyms in the USA. If you want to teach Parkour or have a Parkour gym, we think you might find a lot of value in this persepective.

“If I can give one piece of advice to anyone who is listening…, at least for me, the students didn’t care about the obstacles as much as they cared about the teacher. That’s what I found. When we moved to [our] facility we had concrete floors, a couple mats in the middle but the rest was concrete, and we’d have 30 people in a class. I’ll see gyms with crazy stuff that can’t get 30 kids into a class on certain nights. We had that, and it wasn’t because of, “Oh sweet, here’s a wall to jump up on,”…to me it was a relationship I had with the students – I was able to connect with them and inspire them to find something in themselves.”

“I think that Parkour is this new discipline, but it’s not so new the world’s never seen anything like it. I think people find their freedom through different things in life – through art, through Parkour, through martial arts, through different sports, through music – we’ve all discovered it through movement and what we do. But there is something that connects with everybody and so Parkour is one of those things, and if you connect with people in that way, they pick it up.”​

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